Venezuelan Concert at Yerba Buena Gardens


On Saturday afternoon, we went to see a live concert featuring Venezuelan music at Yerba Buena Gardens Festival. The event was well-organized, we had a blast! Music was amazing, people awesome to hang out with and weather was pretty good. One of my favorite things was seeing so many people enjoy themselves and dance free to their own beat. I don't think it matters if you are good dancer or not, if you are enjoying what you are doing, you are great in my book. I absolutely loved this time with my american family( my mother and sister-in-love are visiting town) and my beloved friends K & A. 

There is so much flavor, joy and enthusiasm in South American music that when you hear it, you cannot help your derrière from swinging side to side. Venezuelan music is soulful, highly spirited  and this band did an amazing job. 

Music has such a power to move people's hearts and moods I'll tell you. After this concert, I felt invigorated and full of energy. Recently, my husband Mark Walter, has been playing Spotify themed playlists from different countries at dinner time; we all get a kick out of that. Pictures below, if you'll like to see.

We headed to the Ferry Building to get some Blue Bottle Coffee and Humphrey Slocombe Ice cream, and finalized our adventures by playing at the Sue Bierman playground for a while. It was so great to see grandma, auntie and the kids play. What a treat!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

On Saturday morning we woke up excited to go to Monterey Bay Aquarium. We have heard from some of the locals here that the Aquarium is worth visiting, and I gotta say they were spot on. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a beautiful place for anyone to attend. It was very family friendly, parking was pretty decent and the scenery breath taking. Monterey Bay itself it's pretty wonderful and one day is definitely not enough to explore it all. We went straight to the Aquarium which was huge by the way, even though it may not seem like it from the pictures.

No true adventure is real without some sort of setback, like when we realized that Dominika outgrew her car seat and had to go buy a new one and we were meeting our friends at an appointed time. We had to go out of the planned route to do this and it can be a little trying when everyone is so excited to get there. We all learned something from that. 

I was so happy to see our Brazilian friends, who along with their lovely children( who are around our children's age!), met us for the adventure. Mark Jacinto and his best friend were so very excited to see each other and be there. Oh man, there is something about your children happy and excited! No other earthly thing can match it. All the sudden, everything is right in the world. 

The parents experienced the afternoon slump, getting espressos and highly caffeinated drinks. Mark Walter just arrived from a long  business trip from London the night before, so I certainly appreciated the extra effort to spend time with his family despite jet lag. He is just that kind of guy, the guy that goes the extra mile for his family. 

I throughly enjoyed the Aquarium, learning about Octopuses and how smart they are( recently I've been thinking a lot about them for some reason), taking in the scenery, being with friends and seeing our children learn new things along with friends. 

Afterwards, on the way home we stopped by a small farmers market to get some fresh fruits & veggies. Mark Jacinto joined me, while papi and Dominika stayed in the car. Once we arrived home we were out, ready to pass out, and so we did. It was a lovely family adventure.


Family Outing in The Mission Neighborhood

We went on a family adventure in the Mission Neighborhood. We headed to Tacolicious, which offers incredible Mexican food. They even released their first book as a restaurant! Our friends introduced this place to us on a casual Thursday hangout, and ever since it has become one of our favorite restaurants. I specially like their food presentation, and their taco of the week feature avoids client boredom.

I couldn't walk by Valencia street without grabbing an Horchata from Boba Guys. It has become one of my favorite drinks ever. Dominika is my partner in crime, every single time. Afterwards, we explored Dolores Park for the first time. It's such a beautiful park. Yes, we have lived here in San Francisco for over a year now and indeed, this was our first there. We have been up and down and around Valencia street, but for some reason never went to Dolores park before. Ha!

I was impressed. I loved the park, the feel of it, the structure and surroundings, the great views and how the sun rays somehow mightily poured their light on that park. The kids absolutely loved it, too. Mark Jacinto has requested that we go there more often. That's quite fine by me. I met a lovely woman named Amanda and her daughter Chloe. They were super nice and gave us some insider tips about the neighborhood, and family life there. It's quite refreshing when you meet a total stranger and suddenly you become good friends and even schedule a hangout. 

In papi's arms<3

Waiting for our Horchata drinks.

El edificio de la Mujer. pretty cool!

His grip and concentration have been coming along=)

Oh, Tacolicious!

Awesome view.(on top of the slide)

She loves anything that spins.

Both kids loved these "scooters"

Dominika: Yei!

Playing make-believe with mami.

Kids playing in the sand.

One of his favorite parts.

Mi esposo guapo y yo<3


Afterwards, we met Zach and Joy for a little meet up. By the time we were done, it was getting dark and kids needed to go to bed. On our way back home we reminisced about our life together and how fast our children are growing up. How thankful we are to have each other. 

Thank you Lord.



California Historical Society

We went on a family adventure this past weekend. It was our first time at the California Historical Society; it was pretty cool. We were early birds, so by the time we got there all the craft supplies and toys were neatly in place. The ladies working there were super nice and what a coincidence that one of them was named Tatiana, just like my beloved sister! When Mark Jacinto heard that he said: "No, there is only one Tatiana!" In his heart, there is only one girl that occupies that title^.^ 

The kids celebrated the 1915 World's Fair event by making Pan-Pacific International Expo Admission badges. They loved picking the colors and designing their own badge. Dominika and I played with a hello kitty ukelele for a while. Mark Jacinto joined the fun and we played dress up with the cute props they had available. I think they had the most fun with the wood blocks though, and my heart melted watching the three of them so involved!

I had the chance to read a little bit of the history of the place and Expo. It's incredible what people have gone through throughout the years! Collective effort is the best effort. What people can do when they join forces; powerful. 

We headed to the ferry Building to have lunch and had a nice family walk along the Embarcadero. The streets were quite busy with all the St. Patty's celebrations. On the way home, we walked by an Irish pub( man, they know how to party!) and as they were singing, Dominika felt like singing with them too. I love my family. Thank you, God.

Team effort=)

Papi and son making badges.

I like the mustache look for him. Too early though!

They had a cute little shop with interesting books.

"Kitty, kitty mom" she was so excited.

She's improving her block skills.

Hello, Mister J!

He was telling me a story, I didn't undertand it.

Ferry Building!=)

That was Mark Jacinto's comment ;-)

Busy streets for St. Patricks on Market st.

Everyone was so hyper, they wouldn't be still!

A Saturday early Breakfast

On Saturdays, I usually make a huge banquette for my family, but this morning, as soon as I opened my eyes there was this vivid image of french toast and strawberries in my mind. So the vision had to be fulfilled, if you know what I mean ;-) Plus, I didn't have all the ingredients to make them. 

As we walked to the place, the early morning breeze wrapped us in a delightful and energizing mode. I felt perky and happy and felt very grateful for that magical moment with my dear ones. See, I love change and adventure. So when we decided to do something out of our Saturday tradition it sparked this mama up. 

Early birds get a catch because there were no lines, no waiting time at The Butler and the Chef Bistro. Guys, I was not disappointed, it was so good!. Pictures below, if you'll like to see.

The best french toast yet, the strawberries were so fresh too.

Numi green tea ^.^

She ate that and much more!

Mark2 ordered the same thing. These guys have so much in common.

My love and I <3. Check out those morning faces, hehe.

Mark Walter's espresso, he said it was well done. He has become sort of an espresso expert/lover.

It was a beautiful morning with my family. What things/places do you enjoy doing/going with your family. Or better yet, what makes you happy on Saturday morning?

Follow us on Instagram for more of our family adventures. Have a great day!


Los amo chiquillos<3

The kids and I love going to the Exploratorium here in San Francisco. This place is amazing and filled with hours upon hours of fun exploration not only for the littles but for adults as well, they even have Thursday night cocktail events! 

I enjoy the parent-child engagement that this place provides. As we go from one station/exhibit to another, I talk to them about what they are doing and in the process we learn about new concepts, how things work or a different perspective. 

Most of the stations there are very science & technology oriented(which i love), and in most cases has the kids physically interact with it, teaching valuable lessons of cause and effect and involving the senses.

Mark Jacinto loves that they use cool colored LED lights, Dominika likes that there are plenty of areas for a little one like her to play and interact. They have a room were all the walls are pegboards and they provide the kids with sticks, pebbles and whatnot so that they can build things and create.  

 Mark Jacinto making patterns with his fingers.

I love how the city takes this vintage street cars, that often come from places like Italy, and renovate them. 

Cool lights, mami! (he said)

Hey there Mr. Robot! This family loves robots and impersonating them.


This is one of Mark Jacinto's favorite rooms, the shadow box, which takes pictures every couple of seconds.

My babies being goofy ^.^

They are really good friends and keep each other accountable ;-)

We really enjoy doing this as a family, and personally appreciate an stimulating place were mommas can learn new and interesting things.