A Saturday early Breakfast

On Saturdays, I usually make a huge banquette for my family, but this morning, as soon as I opened my eyes there was this vivid image of french toast and strawberries in my mind. So the vision had to be fulfilled, if you know what I mean ;-) Plus, I didn't have all the ingredients to make them. 

As we walked to the place, the early morning breeze wrapped us in a delightful and energizing mode. I felt perky and happy and felt very grateful for that magical moment with my dear ones. See, I love change and adventure. So when we decided to do something out of our Saturday tradition it sparked this mama up. 

Early birds get a catch because there were no lines, no waiting time at The Butler and the Chef Bistro. Guys, I was not disappointed, it was so good!. Pictures below, if you'll like to see.

The best french toast yet, the strawberries were so fresh too.

Numi green tea ^.^

She ate that and much more!

Mark2 ordered the same thing. These guys have so much in common.

My love and I <3. Check out those morning faces, hehe.

Mark Walter's espresso, he said it was well done. He has become sort of an espresso expert/lover.

It was a beautiful morning with my family. What things/places do you enjoy doing/going with your family. Or better yet, what makes you happy on Saturday morning?

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