A Saturday early Breakfast

On Saturdays, I usually make a huge banquette for my family, but this morning, as soon as I opened my eyes there was this vivid image of french toast and strawberries in my mind. So the vision had to be fulfilled, if you know what I mean ;-) Plus, I didn't have all the ingredients to make them. 

As we walked to the place, the early morning breeze wrapped us in a delightful and energizing mode. I felt perky and happy and felt very grateful for that magical moment with my dear ones. See, I love change and adventure. So when we decided to do something out of our Saturday tradition it sparked this mama up. 

Early birds get a catch because there were no lines, no waiting time at The Butler and the Chef Bistro. Guys, I was not disappointed, it was so good!. Pictures below, if you'll like to see.

The best french toast yet, the strawberries were so fresh too.

Numi green tea ^.^

She ate that and much more!

Mark2 ordered the same thing. These guys have so much in common.

My love and I <3. Check out those morning faces, hehe.

Mark Walter's espresso, he said it was well done. He has become sort of an espresso expert/lover.

It was a beautiful morning with my family. What things/places do you enjoy doing/going with your family. Or better yet, what makes you happy on Saturday morning?

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Family Outing

This Saturday was a little more special than usual. Why? I dont know but the flow of things was great. Kids behaved pretty much perfect at meal time, weather was perfect, everyone was in high spirits and mamma was feeling pretty good. We walked along the Embarcadero and went to The Marketbar restaurant at the Ferry Building. I love the Ferry Building! and the Saturday Cuesa Farmer's Market. We had a wonderful time and as usual one of my favorite things of all time, people watching hehe. I took a little moment to snap some pictures of the hubby and kids.


Marketbar is one of my favorite places to eat there and to take family and friends that come to visit out of town. They use seasonal and sensuously fresh ingredients plus when you eat outdoors you smell the farmer's market flowers. Score in my book;)


Is your mouth watering? mine is right now.

We grabbed some blue bottle coffee and headed to the park to run some steam off for Mark Jacinto was full of energy after eating pancakes.


Afterwards, we went to visit the Exploratorium which is a place mostly for the little ones but we love it for its both fun for parents and kids. They have a lot of science/physics related kind of experiments as well as thought provoking activities.

That was our little family outing. I hope you are having a lovely weekend.