Venezuelan Concert at Yerba Buena Gardens


On Saturday afternoon, we went to see a live concert featuring Venezuelan music at Yerba Buena Gardens Festival. The event was well-organized, we had a blast! Music was amazing, people awesome to hang out with and weather was pretty good. One of my favorite things was seeing so many people enjoy themselves and dance free to their own beat. I don't think it matters if you are good dancer or not, if you are enjoying what you are doing, you are great in my book. I absolutely loved this time with my american family( my mother and sister-in-love are visiting town) and my beloved friends K & A. 

There is so much flavor, joy and enthusiasm in South American music that when you hear it, you cannot help your derrière from swinging side to side. Venezuelan music is soulful, highly spirited  and this band did an amazing job. 

Music has such a power to move people's hearts and moods I'll tell you. After this concert, I felt invigorated and full of energy. Recently, my husband Mark Walter, has been playing Spotify themed playlists from different countries at dinner time; we all get a kick out of that. Pictures below, if you'll like to see.

We headed to the Ferry Building to get some Blue Bottle Coffee and Humphrey Slocombe Ice cream, and finalized our adventures by playing at the Sue Bierman playground for a while. It was so great to see grandma, auntie and the kids play. What a treat!