California Historical Society

We went on a family adventure this past weekend. It was our first time at the California Historical Society; it was pretty cool. We were early birds, so by the time we got there all the craft supplies and toys were neatly in place. The ladies working there were super nice and what a coincidence that one of them was named Tatiana, just like my beloved sister! When Mark Jacinto heard that he said: "No, there is only one Tatiana!" In his heart, there is only one girl that occupies that title^.^ 

The kids celebrated the 1915 World's Fair event by making Pan-Pacific International Expo Admission badges. They loved picking the colors and designing their own badge. Dominika and I played with a hello kitty ukelele for a while. Mark Jacinto joined the fun and we played dress up with the cute props they had available. I think they had the most fun with the wood blocks though, and my heart melted watching the three of them so involved!

I had the chance to read a little bit of the history of the place and Expo. It's incredible what people have gone through throughout the years! Collective effort is the best effort. What people can do when they join forces; powerful. 

We headed to the ferry Building to have lunch and had a nice family walk along the Embarcadero. The streets were quite busy with all the St. Patty's celebrations. On the way home, we walked by an Irish pub( man, they know how to party!) and as they were singing, Dominika felt like singing with them too. I love my family. Thank you, God.

Team effort=)

Papi and son making badges.

I like the mustache look for him. Too early though!

They had a cute little shop with interesting books.

"Kitty, kitty mom" she was so excited.

She's improving her block skills.

Hello, Mister J!

He was telling me a story, I didn't undertand it.

Ferry Building!=)

That was Mark Jacinto's comment ;-)

Busy streets for St. Patricks on Market st.

Everyone was so hyper, they wouldn't be still!