Elsa Dominika

Dominika is obsessed with Frozen and specially the character of Elsa (although she refuses to call her by her real name). In her mind Elsa is Anna, and Anna is well...Anna. Any time we play the Frozen album, her hips take over and she begins to smile and shine. We came from meeting up with some amazing women I'm fortunate to know, and as we approached the waterfall at Yerba Buena, I thought: "why not just let her go" haha. I know she enjoys the "freedom" of running around and exploring. I took some pictures I will forever heart and wanted to share them with you. It was a beautiful day.

On the kitchen floor. 

Somehow, at some point during the day, we always end up on the kitchen floor. I love this girl so much.

Dominika, is such a privilege to be your mother.