Elsa Dominika

Dominika is obsessed with Frozen and specially the character of Elsa (although she refuses to call her by her real name). In her mind Elsa is Anna, and Anna is well...Anna. Any time we play the Frozen album, her hips take over and she begins to smile and shine. We came from meeting up with some amazing women I'm fortunate to know, and as we approached the waterfall at Yerba Buena, I thought: "why not just let her go" haha. I know she enjoys the "freedom" of running around and exploring. I took some pictures I will forever heart and wanted to share them with you. It was a beautiful day.

On the kitchen floor. 

Somehow, at some point during the day, we always end up on the kitchen floor. I love this girl so much.

Dominika, is such a privilege to be your mother. 

Family Outing

This Saturday was a little more special than usual. Why? I dont know but the flow of things was great. Kids behaved pretty much perfect at meal time, weather was perfect, everyone was in high spirits and mamma was feeling pretty good. We walked along the Embarcadero and went to The Marketbar restaurant at the Ferry Building. I love the Ferry Building! and the Saturday Cuesa Farmer's Market. We had a wonderful time and as usual one of my favorite things of all time, people watching hehe. I took a little moment to snap some pictures of the hubby and kids.


Marketbar is one of my favorite places to eat there and to take family and friends that come to visit out of town. They use seasonal and sensuously fresh ingredients plus when you eat outdoors you smell the farmer's market flowers. Score in my book;)


Is your mouth watering? mine is right now.

We grabbed some blue bottle coffee and headed to the park to run some steam off for Mark Jacinto was full of energy after eating pancakes.


Afterwards, we went to visit the Exploratorium which is a place mostly for the little ones but we love it for its both fun for parents and kids. They have a lot of science/physics related kind of experiments as well as thought provoking activities.

That was our little family outing. I hope you are having a lovely weekend.


Little girl's 1st birthday cake

So my little Dominika turned one! I can't believe it, it really has been a year. She was just three months old when we made the move from Ohio to San Francisco. It has been an incredible journey this past couple of months. My brother in law Matt and his wife Kelsey were visiting for a few days and celebrated with us. 

Mark Walter(my husband) bought a delicious tiramisú cake from Whole Foods. Of course, is his favorite flavor!

Its kinda surreal but yeah she's not a baby anymore, she's my girl now. 

She loved the cake! we skipped the frosting and anything coffee related. Uncle and auntie were there to celebrate with us. Mark Jacinto was delighted to have cake, husband was in tripple heaven as well and mama was reflecting upon the past couple of months of her girl's life. I love you Dominika, may God bless you, protect you and may you have a wonderful life.


My baby girl

Here are some pictures of baby Dominika. I make sure to mention the word baby since she's going to be 1 here soon and will become a toddler. I'm nostalgic about the whole thing but also happy because she's developing well and growing how she should. I can't stop time! So i make peace with it.

These pics were taken at a park by the Piers in San Francisco. Its kind of hidden so apparently not everyone knows about it, so I've been told. The name is Levi's plaza. It was an spontaneous shoot and the late afternoon lead itself to a wonderful time. I love this girl so much. She's so sassy already!

Oh and my in-laws were behind me with my hubby and Mark Jacinto while I was bending my body in all directions trying to catch the light with the camera.