My kid's report

We went to the library hand in hand, and rented what seemed like a boat load of books in Spanish( we are a bilingual household). These past two weeks, we have gotten into a little but very significant and pleasurable habit. We have been curling up on the couch reading books, discussing and doing some basic critical thinking. It's oh, so much fun and  relaxing. The first couple of days, either Dominika or Mark Jacinto would throw a little tantrum regarding the book of choice, but as the days passed, we have gotten into a rhythm thankfully. 

It's not that we haven't read to them before, its the consistency of it during the day. We usually have read to them mostly at night. I think they are starting to get that reading is an enjoyable plus cognitively stimulating activity. Don't even get me started on how much I love cuddling/bonding with them and their funny questions. Mark Jacinto has even started giving us his own little summary of the story. Yey for simple yet impactful life altering things; one of my favorite things. You may ask life altering, why? First, because I tend to be quite dramatic in my expressions sometimes but really, it has changed the genetic makeup of our home. Dominika and Marky both have started to pick up books on their own for pleasure and really sit for themselves and 'read'. It could take sometimes good half an hour, other times they just say "libro, libro" (book) and I immediately know that they want me to read to them. The seed of love for reading has been planted, now it's my job to keep providing opportunities beyond bedtime stories and going to the library. I'm quite passionate about this topic. More on this in future posts.

Now, onto my kid's report. These kids never stop amazing me. Their little signature phrases, gestures and character traits make my life full of silly smiles.


  • This girl is catching up to her brother rather quickly. She knows what she likes and very clearly voices her opinion when something doesn't please her.
  • She wakes up with the coolest morning hair I have ever seen!
  • Her current most consistent question after papi goes to work is: "Mama, where's papi? " Mother: He's at work. Dominika: Whyyy?! Mother: Because he has to work, it's good to work. Dominika: Whyyy,  Mother: He is at work till he comes home ok?  Dominika: "Okeyyy".
  • She loves to shake her head from side to side like a rock star while laughing uncontrollably. No wonder why my love for Queen started when I got pregnant with her.
  • The other day...Mom: "I love you, Minnie"(we call her like that sometimes) Dominika: "Ok". (with a nonchalant attitude, hehe). 
  • Mom: " We are are getting out the door in 5 minutes" Dominika: "Yeiiiii, yeiiiii!!!" and runs to get her favorite shoes.
  • She waves and says hi to everyone(when she's not in shy mode, of course) "Hi. hiiiiiiii" 
  • Almost every time I change her diaper she sings.
  • She woke up so cranky this morning that every time I wanted to caress her, she would say "no". I figured it was because she didn't want to be disturbed. Goodness, it's way to early for that!. It's quite comical in reality because there she is, that little body of hers but such a strong energy already. 


Mark Jacinto:

  •  "Mom, I'm so glad to see you!" (with a big smile while looking straight into your eyes)
  • "Good morning mom, How did you sleep? Did you sleep good?" ( I don't get tire of these questions, ever)
  • He has gotten a little bossy( we are working on that) and likes to lead. If we are playing say legos, he always has instructions and communicates his vision for how the game should go. It's a natural part of his personality.
  • He is always thinking about his family members, asking about them and how they are doing. He is equally concerned for his friends. 
  • I know when he really treasures someone because he places the word my before their names. An example would be: "My Leo" or "My  grandma"
  • "I'm so happy mom!" (He started saying that since our Disney World trip=)
  • He wants to make sure everyone is always happy. If everyone is happy, he is happy. I love his heart. He's got a big one!.
  • He asks about everything, I mean everything. Why this, why that. "But, why mom?" This mama needs to take a very deep breath sometimes. 
  • He asked his dad "Why is Dominika upset?" Dad: "Don't worry Marky, she is just PMSing" Mark Jacinto: "Eeeeew!" 
  • He looks quite grown up lately, it kind of hurts to see him growing up so fast.
  • His latest thing is making sure you really get what he is communicating. He does so by asking at the end of almost every sentence "Ok, mom. Okey?"( with a firm voice)

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you'll like to share, I would like to know what are the cutest things your kiddos are doing right now? or what was the cutest thing you did as a kid? 

If you don't know, ask your parents;)

have a lovely rest of the weekend.


My kid's report & video

There has been a lot of new things lately, they have made me laugh so hard!

An iphone picture I took of them right after church, I couldn't resist the temptation;)

An iphone picture I took of them right after church, I couldn't resist the temptation;)

So where do I start you guys, life is busy as it is for everyone. These days I'm doing my hardest to focus and be intentional with the gift of the present moment. The world keeps spinning and I feel it's in my best interest to take each and every bite life gives me, and savor it to the fullest. My kids are doing the cutest things lately, sometimes its hard to contain the impulse to laugh even though I'm suppose to be disciplining them. Raising kids takes dedication and focused work and it is one of the biggest and greatest blessings of my whole life. I love being their mother, getting to have this responsibility; to look after their precious little lives. It's a joy to be a mother, for it challenges you, stretches you to the limit and gives you so much back in return.

Today, i would like to share the things they have been doing/saying lately...


  • She's been repeating after everything we say, the girl is a parrot!
  • Every time I bump into something or I'm about to fall or slip I say: wooah! so guess what she says when she's about to fall or slip? "Wooah!" haha, with that sweet little voice of hers that pierces like a dagger of love through my heart.
  • She says no to everything. Dominika come here please, I gotta put your shoes on, I said. She goes: no. Then I go again " hey, Dominika come here, mami is going to change your diaper" she goes: no. BUT if I say Dominika, lets do something she wants to do like eat a snack then she says "si"(yes). Stinker, ha!  See she knows what she's doing.
  • She wiggles her hips, bends and twists her body and even uses her shoulders to dance. Music is her best friend! 
  • Mami is so happy that her little girl likes yogurt now, yei! She also likes stinky cheeses now as well. 
  • I love making homemade pico de gallo and guacamole for her, she devours it.
  • Something I find particularly cute is how she already gets emotional about certain things and grabs my hand, cries for a few seconds and move on. 
  • In the morning when I go to their bedroom they both greet me with the cutest smiles and Dominika feels the need to communicate the obvious( as if I didn't know and is a surprise) "mami, mami" and points at her diaper.
  • Everything that has to do with Frozen its called: "Go" to her. She sings the frozen song " Go, go" with the exact pitch and she calls her elsa doll Go, haha.
  • When night nite bath time comes, I always get in the mood to sing. So I do some scales and random arpeggios  and the kids imitate the exact pitches/tone I'm singing! They have such beautiful voices<3 It gives this mother joy.
  • Dominika is very girly in the traditional sense, already displays a particular affinity for fashion but can be a real tomboy as well. I love how she climbs the couch, stretches her arms upwards and relaxes her legs in a kind of manly cowboy way, hehe. She can be corky sometimes. I love finding this juxtaposed traits in my kids.

Mark Jacinto:

  • Ok, this one is amongst my favorites. Mark Jacinto has been learning about emotions at school, so when he sees us expressing some kind of emotion(aka always in our latino/american household)  he tries to figure out what our emotion is so he would ask: " mom, are you happy? are you sad, mom?". I think I've shared this with you guys in my last kid's report but there's something new. Well, he does this thing with Dominika but the brat has it figured  out and it goes like this:  Mark Jacinto: Dominika are you happy? D: no and he starts to cry and says "but I want you to be happy. Dominika do you like the food we are eating?" D: no Mark Jacinto: (crying) Mom, Dominika is not happy, she's not happy mom.  Mami: Mark Jacinto she doesn't know better, she's little and doesn't understand but she IS happy ok? Meanwhile all of this is happening she has a twinkle in her eyes and laughs. Oh boy!
  • He gives the best hugs, he gives my favorite type of hugs; the unexpected ones. out of the blue he hugs me and says: " I love you mom. you are my best friend" While my heart is melting like a candle in tropical climate
  • He has this random spurts of laughter that makes him such a pleasure to live with. Yes, they are my children but still are people with their own personalities and I happen to love theirs.
  • He is a helper by nature and loves to help me everywhere. A gentleman by trait, he opens the door for me (most times), helps get the trash out (most times) and loves to help me cook(almost always). His recent favorite dish are grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • He's getting so very independent, zippers, seatbelt and everything else. 
  • He is one of the most caring and loving people I have met in my entire life. The kid loves hard.

A snippet video of Dominika dancing the Frozen song.  

A few shots and my kids report

I wanted to share some of the cute things my children have been saying/doing lately. These things steal my heart and are amongst the greatest joy in my life. 


~Mom: Marky, please take your plate and cup and put it in the kitchen sink.

Marky:  Yes, sir mom!!!!  (with a militaresque and self-assured voice) - This kid cracks me up, haha. He does the same with dad. yes, sir dad. Marky, who taught you that?

~Mom: We are going to go out, let's get ready. Go and get your shoes.

Marky: No, mom you go. I'll stay here and I'll ...( and starts a list of reasons why we should stay). Typically if he is doing something he wants to do then everything else is an excuse. He comes up with the cleverest ways to not stop doing the thing he wants to do. The same applies is we are out with friends and doesn't wanna go home.

~ Marky: I love you too mom! ( right before he sees that I'm about to correct him). He cuddles and does his signature giggles that I hope to capture on film soon. 

~Marky: ( he is a drama king) Oh, no mom! I hurt, i need a bandate and throws himself in the floor in a humorous theatrical way. ( and yes he laughs at it too!)

~He's becoming my little Don Juan and understands the power of a complement specially in women.  He goes: Aww, mom. Whats that in your ears? Aww, you look cute mom. ( What are you going to do other than hug your child and say thank you)


With the cutest sweetest voice, this girl is a tour de force. She's my darling little songbird and I adore her.

~Mom: yei! we are going on a trip

D: Yei, yei, yei!! (with a loud and joyous sound) 

~Mom: Dominika say hi to aunt Taty. She pauses and with a smile on her face and twinling eyes she says very sweetly no. 

~ By the way she says por favor now!She started saying it dec 11,14.

~So she adores her aunt Taty. Naturally we skype everyday. Everytime she feels the need to talk to her aunt she goes. Taty, Taty!

~ Dominika's way to show love is so amazing. She's very much into baby dolls lately and hugs them and swaddles them and carries them around the house. So when she hugs me she grabs my cheeks and says: Babieee, babieee! She melts my heart.


What kind of things do your children say/do that melt your heart and makes everything better? I would like to know=)


I love this picture of my baby girl! She is&nbsp;so content in her daddy's arms =)

I love this picture of my baby girl! She is so content in her daddy's arms =)

Black and white pics are my fav, specially this one=)

Black and white pics are my fav, specially this one=)

There are so many things going on right now. It's life isn't it? Always moving and changing, reminds me of the way bodies of water behave. I say this in the most satisfactory way. I'm happy, we just moved to a new apartment and I'm very thankful about the whole thing. Sure, it wasn't easy but boy was it worth it!  We are now in our first month plus mark and it feels like home now. 

Ferry Building! Oh, how I&nbsp;love this place. I've had so many wonderful culinary encounters here. Oh, the cheeses at Cowgirl Creamery and the&nbsp;Humphry Slocombe Ice cream, Bluebottle&nbsp;coffee and fresh local organic veggies! Yeah, this place rocks my&nbsp;epicurean world.&nbsp;

Ferry Building! Oh, how I love this place. I've had so many wonderful culinary encounters here. Oh, the cheeses at Cowgirl Creamery and the Humphry Slocombe Ice cream, Bluebottle coffee and fresh local organic veggies! Yeah, this place rocks my epicurean world. 

Mark Jacinto and Papi at Union Square by the giant Christmas tree. Love you&nbsp;guys&lt;3

Mark Jacinto and Papi at Union Square by the giant Christmas tree. Love you guys<3

As of now, we are preparing for our trip to OH-io to visit our family and friends and have a fantastic time celebrating our savior's Bday. There are oh so many plans ahead and sincerely hope we get to do the all! 

The Arrow sculpture along the Embarcadero. This place is a haven for us. Every time we walk there feeling the breeze of the bay, the brightness that's&nbsp;reflected&nbsp;from the water through the sky and the amount of ethnic diversity passing by it's a serious treat.&nbsp;

The Arrow sculpture along the Embarcadero. This place is a haven for us. Every time we walk there feeling the breeze of the bay, the brightness that's reflected from the water through the sky and the amount of ethnic diversity passing by it's a serious treat. 

A few shots and my kid's report

It's been a while since my last blog post, lots of things happening at the Kropf house, time is moving at the speed of light it seems. I wanted to share a couple of shots that our friend Amit took of us in September. The shoot was very spontaneous,  and man he was into it! I love seeing people enjoy what they are doing, even though is a total hobby for him. Thanks Amit! I'm so happy this wonderful friends of ours moved to San Francisco! They are seriously so much fun.

Below are some shots:

Mark Jacinto and Dominika are doing some seriously cute things lately, and would like to start documenting them on this space. So here I go...

Mark Jacinto:

~ After I painted my nails bright orange, he looks at my hands and said: No, mom change them to black! 

~When I put on some makeup in the morning before heading out he said: Mom, what's that?

Good job mom, looks nice.

~After I put on some bright colored lipstick: Mom, did you change your face?

~ When he says: Mom, I love you (right after going to the potty ;)

~With a firm and positive demeanor he usually says: Good morning Mom, how are you? How did you sleep? I usually say good, how about you. I slept good mom with a big smile.

~ Mom, I want to help us. ( he is seriously my little helper and loves helping me cook!) I can tell he thinks we are a team. 

~ On this past Sunday morning: Mom I want to see Jesus.


Dominika has started saying some words like agua(water), doggy, papi and mami. She has this beautiful soft and feminine little voice that sounds so sweet to my ears. I love it when she calls me for anything Muh-mee, muh-mee. She also is very aware of what her boundaries are and loves breaking them. There is a little song that she hums every time she is about to be bad. It seriously sounds like those 1950's movies when the shark is getting closer to its victim! She is one different kind of gal,  I must say.

That's all for now,