A few shots and my kid's report

It's been a while since my last blog post, lots of things happening at the Kropf house, time is moving at the speed of light it seems. I wanted to share a couple of shots that our friend Amit took of us in September. The shoot was very spontaneous,  and man he was into it! I love seeing people enjoy what they are doing, even though is a total hobby for him. Thanks Amit! I'm so happy this wonderful friends of ours moved to San Francisco! They are seriously so much fun.

Below are some shots:

Mark Jacinto and Dominika are doing some seriously cute things lately, and would like to start documenting them on this space. So here I go...

Mark Jacinto:

~ After I painted my nails bright orange, he looks at my hands and said: No, mom change them to black! 

~When I put on some makeup in the morning before heading out he said: Mom, what's that?

Good job mom, looks nice.

~After I put on some bright colored lipstick: Mom, did you change your face?

~ When he says: Mom, I love you (right after going to the potty ;)

~With a firm and positive demeanor he usually says: Good morning Mom, how are you? How did you sleep? I usually say good, how about you. I slept good mom with a big smile.

~ Mom, I want to help us. ( he is seriously my little helper and loves helping me cook!) I can tell he thinks we are a team. 

~ On this past Sunday morning: Mom I want to see Jesus.


Dominika has started saying some words like agua(water), doggy, papi and mami. She has this beautiful soft and feminine little voice that sounds so sweet to my ears. I love it when she calls me for anything Muh-mee, muh-mee. She also is very aware of what her boundaries are and loves breaking them. There is a little song that she hums every time she is about to be bad. It seriously sounds like those 1950's movies when the shark is getting closer to its victim! She is one different kind of gal,  I must say.

That's all for now,