I Lava you & our Hawaii experience at De Young

The other day, while at the park with Dominika, a little gift from heaven was given to us. We were playing in the sand while a cute little boy entered the area we were playing at. He was very charismatic and playful and it reminded me of Mark Jacinto, my son. My boy is about to turn five in a couple of days and  started attending TKindergarten, spending a longer time in school than last year.

The little boy's dad entered the picture and he seemed pleasant in demeanor. We started talking about our kids and I noticed a string instrument inside his bag. I asked if he played the instrument and he said that it's been an on and off pursuit but that he enjoys playing the ukelele very much. 

I thought, how cool is that! "Would you play some music for us?" , I asked. The father nodded in affirmation and said "yes". 

He started playing and singing and all the sudden realized that it was the "I lava you" song!! ( If you haven't seen it it, is the short film that Pixar releases right before the Inside Out movie starts at the movie theater) That very day, I was experiencing disappointment and was a bit discouraged about a certain something I have been working towards that seems to test my patience but God always have ways to say " It's ok, I've got you". I truly take this sort of things as little kisses from God, the very unique and personalized ways that he knows will make my heart happy again. I love string instruments and live music!

I got reminded that not one day is ordinary, that even when you are feeling blue, there are fun and beautiful things around you.. if you open your heart to see it. Dominika started crying because she was hungry so we said good bye to the father and son. After that, my day was energized in a new sort of way and some wonderful things happened after that.

Going along the Hawaiian topic, I wanted to share some pics from this past weekend were we attended the De Young museum's opening of the Royal Hawaiian exhibition. 

Dominika and her friend Leo.

Hawaiian singer with a lovely voice!

We met with friends there and after some art viewing, we went outside for some snacks and visit the dome which the kids love. 


Oh, that smile!

Inside the dome


So my husband Mark pretty much brings his speakers wherever we go. While in the dome, around two dads and their kids entered the dome and were a little restless, running around circles over and over again. Well, Mark cleverly played the Star Wars music and all of the sudden the kids started playing with a "sword" and were in battle, in slow motion too! haha. 

Mark Walter has this knowledge how much music affects people( he used to dj in Europe) that irritates me sometimes but it works! For example if I'm a bit cranky or something and we are about to have dinner he plays bossanova music, usually some Joao Gilberto or Elis Regina and, since he knows that it soothes me, I immediately float. My children got the same gene because Dominika can be really upset about something but if music is played then she can help but move her bootie. That girl has got moves.

I have never been attracted to Hawaii for some reason but after this exhibition and the lava song it's on my travel bucket list now. Love the picture of Mark Walter below, I think it captures his essence.

Hey, guapo!

Wonderful performance!

What are eating now, girl?

Love the dancers performance, although there were so many people there, we were able to get a peak. One thing is bringing kids to a museum but another thing is having a playdate at the museum, that's when things get a bit complicated. We kept it short and sweet and then headed to the park to run off some steam. The kids had fun!

Brother & sister love

I absolutely love the picture above of my little ones. They truly love each other and look after each other. 

Loving that swing.

De Young Museum

It never ceases to amaze and inspire me these children's ability to find beauty and excitement in their surroundings. Mark Jacinto was quite for a while. I found him by this trunk and he said: " Look, mom, Aren't they so cute? They are so little!" He is such an animal lover, I'll tell ya. 

Loving the ants

I'm humbled by this journey of being a parent, they have and continue to teach me so much. I'm constantly learning from them their ability to trust, to have and express joy, to love so freely. Humbled, humbled by their fascination of their world, their insatiable curiosity and fierce desire for living. It's contagious!