Off the Grid Sundays


This past Sunday was glorious. Mother weather was in a good mood giving us a sunny, breezy and beautiful day. After church or as Snoop Dog calls it chuuch, we went to the presidio for an amazing sensorial experience. Our friend Abby kindly invited us to experience Off the Grid

Sometimes you can get spoiled with all the wonderful food San Francisco has to offer but oh man, oh man, how delicious was this!. I particularly loved their wide range of choices available anything from Vietnamese, Lebanese, vegetarian to classic American food.

Dominika and I enjoyed a shawarma hummus bowl with rice, freshly fried falafel , beef, spicy pickles and a sensuous cucumber and watercress salad. I think I'm in love with watercress now. Needless to say, Dominika and I devoured it. She's so food adventurous, love it!

We just arrived, it's a beautiful day=)

She gets happy after a good meal^.^

Mango snowball, so refreshing!

Below, Mark Jacinto playing with Nico! My boy gets a thrill of meeting new friends. Nico is such a happy boy! They both clicked well and of course Dominika fitted well in the pack. 

Launching a toy rocket.

Mark played some music through his speakers, he has always a way to make everything better and has amazing taste in music. So with his dj abilities, great company, food and scenery the day was amazing! 

All the lovely people... One of the things that catched my attention was the cocktail carts they had around, call me naive but I have not seen them before. Not that I drink much but I thought, how thoughtful is that! People just having bloody Mary's at one side and other enjoying coconut water in the other side. Some people playing, some people dancing, others tanning under the sun and some kissing. I just loved taking it all in and watching the wide range of diversity. 

Took a quick picture before it will disappear,haha. 

Selfies, selfies...I'm making it a conscious point to be more present in my children's photos. I know even though is not a natural thing for me, that it will be fun looking back. 

Ah! papi and son.

Grateful for this day with family and friends by the bay. 

Thank you Lord.