Bay Area Discovery Museum

It has taken me a while since I got to post this very fun outing we had with our beloved friends. Mei and Emma graciously picked us up in the morning( after having to drive everywhere for many years we are excited to live in a place that doesn't require a car to get around, and if we need them, there is Uber and Zipcar available!). It felt like a roadtrip or something because the atmosphere was one of adventure, fun and discovery; I was super giddy myself. 

There is something really exciting about going to a new place, a place you have never been before. We were going to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I had heard many good things about this place from friends before, but never made the trip there until that gorgeous day. 

We buckled up and I said: "Are you ready?" and the photo below explains their response..." yeaaaahhhh" haha.


Crossing the bridge to get to the museum.

Talking about flowers and their smell^.^


Sorry, Dominika. I think this photo is hilarious. I do correct you though, stop it girl!

I was seriously impressed with this place, part of it because it's pretty cool but also because it has the gorgeous view of the bridge right in front of your very eyes and you see the city of San Francisco from the other side. Sidenote: things really do take an interesting view from another angle. 

There were several buildings in total for arts & crafts, special exhibits, a bunch of little connected playgrounds; pretty cool if you ask me. The only things is, if you visit this place and is crowded, keeping an eye when your child is on the playground boat is not enough. You cannot see what is going on inside, I almost got purple holding my breath because, for a moment, couldn't find Mark Jacinto. Yeah, a mother's worst nightmare. EVER.

Once we learn our lesson with the boat, we explored a bit of the greenery and scenery surrounding the place. Such a beautiful day! The breeze we got from the Bay was very refreshing. Sun shining but not burning...HEAVEN!

So serious Dominika!

Emma! Waaait!

Love this picture of Mei and the girls<3

We all agreed it was time to have lunch so we found a little corner spot. Mark Jacinto wanted to make sure we packed a yogurt for his friend Emma, he's such a good friend! Well, Emma is also Mark Jacinto's first crush as well, I mean the kid loooves her and she's sister in law approved because Dominika loves her too!

No, I'm not one of those moms arranging marriages but sometimes is fun to imagine, precisely because the years seem so far away but in reality, they fly. It's just fun...for now.

I absolutely love the pictures above of Mark Jacinto exploring and just being. We visited the Curious George exhibit going on that day, Dominika loved it! 

Thanks for the pic Mei!

Below are a few shots from different buildings/areas. Dominika is very much into playdough right now and cannot resist but move her toosh when she hears the sounds of music.

I think one of my favorite things about blogging and photographing is recording those special memories. I love and treasure these memories. 

 Thanks to our friends Mei and Emma, we had such a lovely time together!