Happy 5th birthday Mark Jacinto!!!

What can I say, our Mark Jacinto recently turned 5 and it would be a short bit before he starts ranking up the double-digit numbers on his birthday cake. I'm a big believer that birthdays are a blessing, it reminds us of our limited time here on earth and that we must make the very best of it; have fun!!

I got all teary eye of joy because his birthday was truly beautiful. We had grandma and grandpa Kropf coming to town for a few days for the sole purpose of his birthday, and dear friends came to celebrate our boy with us as well. It was a very simple celebration, some well received party staples, homemade guacamole and chips, hummus, pita chips and veggies, hot dogs, cake and  ice cream. Gary, my father in love(law) made a killer guac.

It was, as everything I seek, a very meaningful event. I was so happy and grateful for these dear people in our lives that you can tell genuinely care about our boy Mark Jacinto and we care very much for them as well. The reciprocity of love, I guess is what got me. Our Spanish friends just came from a well-deserved long vacation in Spain and we missed them so much. Absence does make the heart grow fonder!

A corky combination of flowers and Star Wars. Totally intentional, of course;-)

We got a chocolate cake from Whole Foods. Grandpa made it a point to decorate the cake with some Star Wars since that was the theme of the party and he ended up getting this super cute miniature Star Wars characters^.^

Serving, prepping.

He's the best.

I probably would have not be able to attend and talk to the guests if it wasn't for the in-loves help. We celebrated up in the roof of our building and brought some bubbles, cars, toys, basketball hoop.

Caught in the moment. Mi reina<3

Lovely neighbors!

Always in the mood for sunflowers.


We had several friends that recently gave birth come to the party, so it was very meaningful that they made the effort to come. My goodness what's up with these ladies that pop up kids and they look fabulous soon after? =-)

Her face says it all, these two adore each other.

High five, dad!

For Mark Jacinto, this was paradise. The equation of his favorite people on the planet( well most of them we are missing cousins, uncles, teachers and other friends), presents plus yummy foods made up for a very merry Mark Jacinto.

With his friend Alexander.

His friend Alexander thought it was his birthday party , the kid lived every moment as if it was his own and  loved it!! His mother told me that he indeed thought it was his party and that's why he was so eager to blow the candle and open his presents, haha. The point is, he had fun! He was too tired by the time they left to realize what was truly going on, so cute haha.

Our beloved Spanish friends<3

Dominika the water drinker, you know...it helps the skin;-)

My friend Jess and Isaac=-)

We had some recently made friends come to the party but that Mark Jacinto talks about them all the time. I think there is magic in newness, of friends, of places, of everything!

Mommy and daughter.

They were pretending to be knights.

Whaaat? No way, girl. I can't believe that... ( i just made it up, I don't remember the conversation).

Maria Jose, baby Eliana and I>


He laughs even at battle=-)

Happy birthday to you, la la la la la la.

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you... This was such a highlighted moment for little Mark. The birthday party was just was Mark Jacinto has been looking forward for many months. From planning what food he wanted to have, to his ever-growing bday wishlist, to his close friends and grandparents being a part of it, it was a significant moment in his young life. 

Cut that cake!

Awesome gift from the grandparents, his watch allows Mark Jacinto to take pictures and videos. It's been adorable to see what catches his eye. From flowers to animals, his interest in photography is being fostered and enabled by his grandparents.

kids were in toy paradise...for a hot 20 seconds;-)

Mark Jacinto's love for life and for people continues to inspire us, his family members and friends. I can truly say, we are blessed to have him in our lives. God bless you son.