Family Craft: Daniel Tiger Masks

Crafts don't have to be elaborate or lengthy in order to be satisfying, especially family crafts. To me, the point is to have a good time together, right? I've been thinking about masks, characters, puppets and all of those make believe things that the kiddos love. Unwaxed paper plates seemed to be an easy way to incorporate all of those ideas into a creative solution. 

The kiddos love to paint and create characters. Even while drawing a fish, Mark Jacinto is already telling a story and making what the fish "voice" would sound like. It's pretty fascinating! To be a witness to their imaginations soar, to share with them the joy of creating something, a sound, a picture, a story, it's just so amazing! i'm loving it.

The kids were pretty excited to have papi join us in this craft. I asked Mark Jacinto what animal he wanted to paint because I explained beforehand that we will be making masks. He said a tiger, and Dominika nodded. Little girl was excited to paint with her new brushes.

 I searched for an image of Daniel tiger on my phone and we tried to emulate it. Papi did a fantastic job, I gotta say. Dominika's art was more impressionistic in nature while  Mark Jacinto's mask was somewhere in between.


  • Unwaxed paper plates
  • paint
  • brushes
  • black sharpie
  • newspaper (to serve as a mat and avoid big messes)
  • cup with water (so the artists have everything they need at their fingertips)
  • exacto knife to cut the holes for the eyes
  • music, always music( to put everyone in the mood)
  • paper towels(they always come in handy for these sort of things)

We loved doing this as a family. Once the paint was dried(or almost), the kids started to play make believe with their Daniel tiger masks. There is magic in creation. 


Have a week full of wonder,


Family Craft: Astronaut Helmet & Rocket Ship

While watching an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Mark Jacinto exclaimed: " I wanna make that mami, let's do it!". This was the astronaut/rocket ship episode were they decorate their cardboard ships and helmet. I thought, why not! 

I like that my boy is already coming up with ideas for our crafts. I like that he looks at something or imagines something and he wants to create and make it a reality. It really motivates me to see this transformation and excitement going on. Creation is a word I heart. This particular craft was actually quite challenging for him. It was challenging in the best of ways because it was out of his comfort zone. Why? Let's see, the aluminum foil was very hard to cut in a straight line( he can be quite meticulous about his work). Another hurdle he faced was the glitter pens. As a 4 and a half year old boy his grip is not precise yet.  So squeezing the tube and having the pressure needed in order to make the shape he wanted to attain while juggling that new and challenging material, brought him to tears. I gotta say it was pretty hard for me too, the glitter was pretty dry and it was hard to press the liquid glitter through. I asked if he wanted to take a break but he got more frustrated. He wanted to get it done and push through the hurdle. I was happy inside, but kept quite. 

Tears began to wet his precious round cheeks. I hugged him and said: "breathe deep" and so he did. Sometimes he gets annoyed by this request, but this time he welcomed it. I told him we can do it together. He firmly said: " no". I offered to show him how to do it and he nodded. After trial and error and watching me do it, he started to get it. I could not be more proud of him!

Once we were done with decorating that side of the helmet, I drew an M for Mark so he can cut a circle. On the other side of the helmet, he painted a rainbow. 

Materials assembled.

Taping the foil.

More taping. He loves using tape!


He really wanted to paint a rainbow.

This was the part that brought him to tears=(

Once he passed the hard part, he enjoyed glueing the beads.

Cutting the circle with an M for Mark.

Hi, my Astronaut!

I love this picture of us. 

Astronaut mami.

Astronaut papi.

Goofy Marky.

Charming Marky.

Silly Marky.

Materials for helmet:

  • aluminium foil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • tape
  • small cardboard box 
  • beads
  • paint
  • brushes
  • glitter pens
  • sharpie

Note to self: working with new materials is always a positive thing because we learn new ways of doing things and have to adapt. Do it more often!.

Mark Jacinto enjoyed seeing this project through completion. The whole week he looked at it, play with it and kept saying: "I made that, I made that mom!".

I love that he relishes his work^.^ 

A few days later, papi and son created a rocket ship. It was a craft as well as a mini father and son date. I left some craft materials for them to decorate while I was away and Dominika was taking a nap. I loved their result. Papi of course took it to a new level and inserted LED lights inside the rocket ship and placed a speaker inside so the passenger can enjoy music. They used a giant cardboard box, decorated the outside with paint and markers and placed some wings on the side. Oh! and they also carved a dome type entrance on the back of the ship. I was so pleased with their project, they make such a great team:-) 

If you, by chance make this, I would love to see it!

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Take care