Family Craft: Daniel Tiger Masks

Crafts don't have to be elaborate or lengthy in order to be satisfying, especially family crafts. To me, the point is to have a good time together, right? I've been thinking about masks, characters, puppets and all of those make believe things that the kiddos love. Unwaxed paper plates seemed to be an easy way to incorporate all of those ideas into a creative solution. 

The kiddos love to paint and create characters. Even while drawing a fish, Mark Jacinto is already telling a story and making what the fish "voice" would sound like. It's pretty fascinating! To be a witness to their imaginations soar, to share with them the joy of creating something, a sound, a picture, a story, it's just so amazing! i'm loving it.

The kids were pretty excited to have papi join us in this craft. I asked Mark Jacinto what animal he wanted to paint because I explained beforehand that we will be making masks. He said a tiger, and Dominika nodded. Little girl was excited to paint with her new brushes.

 I searched for an image of Daniel tiger on my phone and we tried to emulate it. Papi did a fantastic job, I gotta say. Dominika's art was more impressionistic in nature while  Mark Jacinto's mask was somewhere in between.


  • Unwaxed paper plates
  • paint
  • brushes
  • black sharpie
  • newspaper (to serve as a mat and avoid big messes)
  • cup with water (so the artists have everything they need at their fingertips)
  • exacto knife to cut the holes for the eyes
  • music, always music( to put everyone in the mood)
  • paper towels(they always come in handy for these sort of things)

We loved doing this as a family. Once the paint was dried(or almost), the kids started to play make believe with their Daniel tiger masks. There is magic in creation. 


Have a week full of wonder,