Our Disney World family vacation part 2

Mark 'Wally' and I

Hello friends! 

On the second day of our family vacation, it rained like crazy in the afternoon. You will think that will stop us, but what did we do instead? In good Kropf spirit we braved the rain and cold. Yes, it was cold in Florida( mostly early in the morning and at night) But he who dares gets rewarded because it was awesome! Wait, not the rain, but what we got in spite of it. Since there were few people there, we got into our target rides very quickly. We had dinner at Belle's Castle with no reservation and got to see the fireworks without the crowd. 

The next day, we headed to Animal Kingdom. The highlights were the Lion King show, African music, the safari and my private culinary awakening to Curry chicken ( I had an awesome dish there!)

The kids had the opportunity to meet more Disney characters and get autographs. Dominika was over the moon and back to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, they are actually the littles favorite characters. Every time she saw Minnie she pointed at them and would say something that sounded like: Mean, mean. She was so proud of herself for knowing who they were. 

These two together melt my sappy heart.

These two together melt my sappy heart.

At the Lion King show, Mark Jacinto was chosen to meet the characters. He gave a high five to the guy.

African tambores^.^

Belle's Castle, amazing!

Disney parade/light show.

Fireworks! This was fun seeing the kid's faces light up.

10 years ago and still there; got it on our honeymoon.

Sorry grandpa, Dominika ate your turkey leg. Look at that face^.^

GRandma and Dominika

Papi's dream to take Mark Jacinto to this ride=)

Papi's girl.

Finally met Mickey Mouse!

It took a labyrinth to get to Mickey! 

A dream come true for all of us<3

Dominika & Auntie Michelle.

This photo makes me giggle. The love that he gives.

Buenas noches Magic Kingdom!

The Crystal palace was one of my favorite places to go because it reminded me of that time, almost 10 years or so ago, when we went there for our honeymoon. It reminded me of a silly couple, who were unsure if they could keep a plant alive or let alone a dog. Cheers to a decade of love, of growth, growing pains, joy, silliness and His love. I'm thankful for His love.

Our Disney World Family Vacation Part 1

Where do I start? Last week we had an amazing family vacation, it was truly a gift from above. It was a time to fill our cups back with family love and enjoy the happiest place on earth, as they call it. 

This was Mark Jacinto's first autograph job:&nbsp;Chip &amp; Dale

This was Mark Jacinto's first autograph job: Chip & Dale

We left on a Saturday morning and came back on a Saturday afternoon, the following week. To be honest is still hard, as I'm typing this post, to shake off vacation mode! There are so many things that happened that I do not want to forget and that I would like to share with you guys. Things that my kids said, did and precious moments that will forever be engraved in the tablet of my heart(I'm feeling poetic this morning!)

I took well over 2,000 pics, and I was being conservative, hehe. It's not possible for me to share this experience in just one post so I have brake it in parts. 

Upon our arrival, we were picked up by the grandparents as Mark Walter and I usually call them( I don't particularly like calling them the in-laws because the word law makes me cringe ;-) Anyways, we headed to dinner in downtown disney at a new restaurant called T-Rex. The decor of the restaurant was impressive. We met with aunt Michelle and uncle Jason and some good friends of the family. 

Next morning, we woke up early(for a vacation, anyhow) because our itinerary and fast passes were waiting for us to soak in all the adventure. 

Papi and Mark Jacinto heading to China

Papi and Mark Jacinto heading to China

He is rocking this traditional Chinese hat.

He is rocking this traditional Chinese hat.

Chinese acrobatics, these guys are talented!

Chinese acrobatics, these guys are talented!

Dominika loved the cute marionettes.&nbsp;

Dominika loved the cute marionettes. 

These girls were amazingly nimble!

These girls were amazingly nimble!

We spent our entire first day at Epcot and enjoyed every minute of it. Epcot is our ( Papi and my) favorite park. The kids enjoyed going to the aquarium, watching the Circle of Life, playing the piggy game, checking out the gorgeous architecture of each country and of course yummy food. Dessert in France and Hibachi in Japan were amongst the culinary highlights of our first day of vacation.

Good night, Epcot!

Good night, Epcot!