Our Friendsgiving 2015

Hello Friends!

I hope your Thanksgiving was a great one this year. We decided on a Friendsgiving celebration that took place at my husband's workplace. We knew the kids would love running around in a larger space and that the big kitchen would be an added bonus. Though we love apartment living, it definitely has it's limits regarding celebrations with a bigger group of people. The space chosen proved to be a really good one for us this year.

We invited several friends and their beautiful kids. Mark Jacinto and Dominika couldn't be happier! Look at that beautiful turkey! It was top notch delish, meat was falling apart from tenderness and juiciness! Thanks to Mark Walter:-)

This year I tried a different stuffing that had cranberries, apples and sausage and it was just so so good. Maybe I'll stick to this one next year. All recipes is my favorite site for when I'm in the mood to try something new but with the added bonus of having hundreds if not thousand of reviews backing my risky food experiments. Here's the link to it.

I call it risky because somehow I always end up making my own version of the recipe anyhow, its just one of those habits of mine; I enjoy putting my spin on things. Mark Walter chose the flowers for the little arrangements we made^.^

Oooo ham! You know to be honest I have not been a fan of ham but this ham was great. I realize this one wasn't cured so it didn't have the extra saltiness that I have not preferred in the past. 

I have learned from some really smart women in my life to try to not do everything but delegate. Having the guests bring a side dish to share made things so much easier and fun this year. Well, they asked first so I thought, you know what ? yes!!! 

In the group we have Spanish friends who naturally adore Manchego cheese so that's what we had along some smoked gouda. Oh yes! Above also an awesome salad made by my friend Lidia.

Our beloved friends Lidia and Victor. Victor is Dominika's superhero, that girl has a huge crush on him.

Mon amour et moi. Mark Walter you did such an awesome job with the ham and turkey! Thanks lidia for the pic=-)

Above my neighbor and sister friend Elvira and her gorgeous daughter Chanel. Elvira has been family here in SF<3 So glad you could come!

The kids were just in paradise inventing games, eating lots and lots of food and running around in freedom.

Two beautiful girls! They have learned to make peace with their differences haha. No, seriously they love each other!

I love this group and the privilege of sharing Thanksgiving together! It was a first one for our Spanish friends. How cool to be a part of their first Thanksgiving experience!

Oh, yes! take pride on that turkey hon, it was great!

After turkey faces, haha.

We had so many special moments with wonderful friends. Ruth and her husband Jesus brought a turkey they had cooked as well and it was such a treat to have Jessica celebrating with us. 

I want to remember this Friendsgiving forever.