A family day: Academy of Science/San Francisco

A few days ago, we went to visit the California Academy of Science located in Golden Gate Park.My sister was here for a visit making it the more fun. This place is awesome because it offers an aquarium, planetarium and natural history museum all in the same place. Every time we go there, we loose track of time. Papi, Mark Jacinto and aunt Tatiana went to the Planetarium( the largest digital planetarium in the world) area and watched Habitat Earth which they said was really good. In the meantime, Dominika and I had fun in the mini indoor playground which it's call The Explorer's Cove. Padded, with an indoor ship, jungle, books and plenty of toys, the Cove allowed her to play and exert her energy in a age appropriate environment. These days I'm more a tune to the fact that toddler Dominika, though small in comparison to her brother, is in a fitting age to explore a lot. She's no longer content to watch the world from the comfort of her stroller seat, but takes pleasure in actively seeking adventure and having a direct interaction with the world around her. That's fine with me it just takes a bit of extra energy!.

Our family at the Living Roof of CalAcademy.

He loves watching rays.

Mark Jacinto asking papi questions. What's this, what's that..

At the Morrison Planetarium with Taty

My beautiful boys<3

A zoomed in view of the plaza. 

Our view from the roof. That's beautiful DeYoung Museum.

A random shot of one of the exhibits.

I love the unique shops San Francisco offers, each one with their own concept. Photo taken on our way out of the park.

Mark Jacinto being all goofy, hehe.

He finally got that we wanted a sister sister photo=)

He finally got that we wanted a sister sister photo=)

This time around our visit consisted of Morrison Planetarium, Explorer's cove, looking at the exhibits , roof viewing and eating lunch while listening to a scientific speech in the green area. There is so much more to see in this place. They have a great earthquake simulator, huge aquarium and the rainforest spiral is quite cool!

I love making the time with my family to visit wonderful educational and enriching places like this. Until next time CalAcademy.