Puppet Sticks

We found ourselves in a little predicament of how to use all the pieces of yarn that Mark Jacinto helped me cut( the kid loves cutting yarn!) I thought about hair and puppets, so the idea to incorporate them in a paper puppet stick came to mind. This is a very simple project that you can do with your kids, they will surprise you with their use of them. 


  • Heavy weight paper
  • Sharpie to draw the puppets
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Watercolors or any methods of coloring that your kids enjoy
  • Brushes
  • Ice cream sticks
  • tape

Dominika, stick to your business darling.

Mark Jacinto loves painting with watercolors.

They are ready to be cut.

He gave us a private show<3

 I gave Dominika crayons and stamps to decorate her puppet while Mark Jacinto preferred using watercolors. I asked what their names were and he said: girl, girl and boy, haha. After they were all dolled up, I cut them. The littles helped me tape the ice cream sticks to the back of the paper puppets, e voilá! 

I loved seeing Dominika making voices and impersonating the puppets; she learned that from her brother=) Mark Jacinto delighted us with his sweet singing voice. Click  here if you'll like to check our puppet theater family craft.

What kind of art/craft projects are you and your little ones into? If by any chance you make this, we would love to see your project.

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