Afternoon with friends at the San Francisco Zoo


I wanted to share this quick post of our visit to the sf zoo with friends. For a moment I thought we were a school because we were a handful of moms and littles. It was so lovely! I know my children love their friends and are looking forward for more summer fun.

They recently inaugurated a new park at the zoo with animal sculptures that are pretty rad. I really like that this zoo has many playgrounds and right beside each other. My friend Lidia told me about the petting zoo, so we took the kids there and they had a blast. Ah, it makes me so happy to see my little ones so happy!. 

Dominika was given a brush by an older girl, so she took it upon herself to brush every goat's hair, haha. The children also loved to feed the animals. Mark Jacinto kept asking "where is the cow, mom?" We gotta take this kid to a farm, they both love cows and saying "moo" and their leche de vaca (cow's milk). The way they pronounce vaca makes me laugh.. vvvaaahhhcah!

 I'm just loving this age/stage with them, it really is full of wonder and they are just so much fun to be around. Mark Jacinto's "I love you mom" while giving me a kiss at least three times a day or Dominika's playing doctor and giving me shots and making me say "ouch!" plain makes my heart smile.

What are you favorite summer activities with you little ones? 

In a world full of girls...

It was a house full of girls and one boy and Mark Jacinto couldn't be happier. We had a craft afternoon playdate but this time we used food to create things. In reality, the "food craft" lasted for about 5 minutes because the kids started eating their creations right away!. A mother can dream, right? We mothers laid a plate of cut fruit, nuts, seeds, raisins, toothpicks, nut butters and straws for them to let their imaginations go wild. The peanut butter acted as the glue and toothpicks as connectors between parts. The purpose was for them to create anything they want, and so they did.

All materials ready.

Mark Jacinto's first creation. He used grapes as eyes, upon his own imagination ^.^

Emma decided to decorate her plate ^.^

My friend Lidia brought this delicious chocolate rice crispy treats she had made with her girls. This playdate was more than food though. I was the kid's DJ taking in song requests such as Old McDonald, abc song and itsy bitsy spider.  

It's always interesting for me to see how kids interact and behave differently when other kids with different personalities are added to the mix. I saw a Dominika that pretended to be older than she is. She was jumping in the couch with her stuffed animals, and she never does that!

Watching the dynamics in this group was pretty cool for us moms to watch. Mark Jacinto is learning the art of treating women well( or so I intend). There are way more boys than girls in his classroom at school, so when he is making engine noises and "talking like a ninja", it might not be as relatable to every girl.

I had fun seeing him adapt to the changes and find common ground with these lovely ladies. 

The girls were sweet and Dominika had fun playing with her friends, using her princess castle and dolls. Sharing was a bit tense for my little one, but this is the age to help her with that. I got to hear  about different philosophies for sharing that I haven't  previously known. There are so many methodologies and information out there that it can get overwhelming at times. Thankfully, mother's intuition is something we have all been given to discern what's best for our  children. It's important for me to keep open minded and apply what fits our family best.

Have a lovely weekend!