Family Outing: Murals at the Mission

Last weekend, while my sister was in town, we went on a family tour of the Mission Neighborhood. It was my sister's first time there, and she loved it. One of our favorite things about this neighborhood are the amazing murals. Full of color and dramatic in context, just how we like it!

We were a little too indulgent this time around and got amazing pizza at Farina. We originally went to pizza Delfina but we got tired of waiting. There is a big difference ,we noticed, between waiting for a party of four than of five; much longer wait for a party of five! So instead we opted for Farina. Such a great pick (thanks Wally!), food was amazing and servers spoke italian, which I was glad to use! 

We were basically on a mission in the Mission, get it? haha. I can be very silly, ask my sister. On our walking tour, we saw a latino festival with (parrillada)food and live music, havana musicians, captivating murals, kids singing with mariachis(bonus!) and latino panaderias which I have got to try with my sister next time. So many memories it brought back, talk about nostalgia in a good way. The whole place reminded me of parts of my own country, the colors, the food and the people, I suppose. 

On our way, my sister and I got Boba Guys drinks( It's my Mission fix). That Horchata drink is so so good, maybe I'll learn how to make it. The end of our "tour" ended up at Humphrey Slocombe Ice Cream shop, so the guys could get their fix. 

My sister Tatiana and I.

Cuddly bear

Diavolo pizza and prosciutto pizza. 

Shrimp and pesto lasagna. Intriguing flavors.

I gotta visit this place.

Havana musicians.

Mark Jacinto loved the murals too.

Ciao amici