Family Outing: Kite day at Presidio

Hello amigos!

I wanted to share a little family outing we had over the weekend at the Presidio. The event was called the Presidio Kite expo. My eyes were well entertained with the very creative and beautiful kites. There was an area were they gave out kite-making kits that one could decorated ad libitum and make it your own. I thought that was clever and very in the San Francisco  spirit of freedom of expression and creativity. At least, that's the vibe I've gotten all along while living in this gorgeous city. 

One of my favorite parts was seeing families outdoors having fun with their kids in the gorgeous weather. We love kites and go to the park to fly them all the time, so this was a very fitting adventure for us. We haven't been in this side of the city a lot, so doing something out of the usual, always sparks wonder in me.  On our way there, we got a breathtaking sight of the Golden Gate Bridge all wrapped and hugged by Karl the fog, as people call it here.

Weather was amazing in my opinion. It's so funny because I grew up in the coastal part of Ecuador, but I have grown to  like cooler weather quite a lot. Summer weather in San Francisco is like that, more of a highland type of weather than beach weather, usually around 62.5 degrees. I love it! 

Cold, mami! 

Dominika surprises me all the time. She's probably the only person I know besides her brother that while shivering say they are cold with excitement and a smile. I certainly aspire to be more like that. There are so many things that inspire me about them and being their mother, that I feel I can write a book about them. Seriously. 

Look at this amazing kites!

Kite-making kits.

I just loved that we were given kites that we could decorate ourselves. Mark Jacinto  asked dad to draw a Mickey Mouse. Dominika did her own art. Oh, how grown up are you miss Dominika!

By serendipity and true calling of heavens we encountered our little friend Emma and her parents. Mark Jacinto has been talking non stop about her! I think I've mentioned this to you guys before that this kid loves hard. Above, the looong line to get delicious mexican food. Let's put it this way, I'm motivated to pack our own lunches at outdoor events. It took over an hour to get our food! I much rather spend that time as a family^.^

Lately she's been eating like a machine. Seems like she has food in her hands 24/7.

MJ so  happy dad is helping him out.


I really appreciated that papi came with us, even though he was coughing all night. He said he wanted to be with his family, specially since he has travel this week. 

colorful and bright. 

So this time mother forgot the blanket. Mark Jacinto pointed it out many times, ha! Mother guilt is real and it can completely zap away your joy if you let it. Cheers to more outdoor family fun and embracing the summer time.

You have a lovely week