Children's museum of the Arts

Hi hi!

The the other day we went to visit a museum we have heard lots of good things about from other parents in my neighborhood. Mamma's usually share this kind of awesome information about museums, parks, cool places to eat and such. I was very excited when I heard this place has a clay bar! You can pretty much make a bar with any theme nowadays so a bar that serves clay sounded pretty interesting.

The Children's Museum of the Arts happened to be a great place to spend a couple of hours as a family, it reminded me a lot to the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco, which we use to visit quite often! 

After a beautiful church service in Downtown.

My boy

The are so goofy lately its hard to take a picture of them doing normal facial expressions. My silly kids!

This guy makes things continually interesting. There was a bumblebee by the flowers and he got so excited since he has recently learned about them at school. He asked lots of questions as always.

At a restaurant on our way to the museum. I don't know if this picture captures the passionate faces she makes when eating. It's hilarious! Papi says she got that from me;) I also got reminded to make more milanesas de pollo( basically very thin breaded chicken)  So good!

Once we got to the museum, the kids got plugged in right away. My favorite thing about our visit was the clay bar!! So much fun!! I actually got this book from amazon that I highly recommend for making clay animals with your kids, It's super simple and guides you step by step. 

I'm always so amazed at people that can draw and make sculptures since it's not a strong talent of mine but that I appretiate in others. The "barista" guy guided us through the process of making dolphins; it was pretty cool!

The museum itself was not huge but it offered many areas that were very cool. One of my favorites was the room full of printed fabric that visitors were welcomed to paint on. Alicia Keys greatest hits were the background music of their choice and since I love her and her music, it just made me love the room all the more.


Papi and Mark Jacinto had so much fun painting a couple of the cartoons. Mark did the one above.

Dominika just kept prancing around the room and playing with the other girls. It surprised e because she'd been on a scribbling paint anything kick lately.

My two Mark's making a little film, Mark son was specially proud of his work.

The kids and I. They were so excited about their clay creations, I honestly couldn't wait to do one myself.

Little tummies get hungry fast and after a couple hours of doing art we headed to midtown to a restaurant called Horchata. The way they season their tacos is exquisite (if you are into a bit of spice). My favorite drink is the traditional horchata, seriously so good and healthy!

I know when I find a good restaurant because afterwards I remember their name and location. It's a must while in new York if you love Mexican food. I really appretiate their restaurant decor, its inviting, a bit cozy and the right mix of traditional and contemporary! 

It was a lovely family day, can't wait to share more of our little adventures in New York City! Thanks for tuning in.