Monterey Bay Aquarium

On Saturday morning we woke up excited to go to Monterey Bay Aquarium. We have heard from some of the locals here that the Aquarium is worth visiting, and I gotta say they were spot on. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a beautiful place for anyone to attend. It was very family friendly, parking was pretty decent and the scenery breath taking. Monterey Bay itself it's pretty wonderful and one day is definitely not enough to explore it all. We went straight to the Aquarium which was huge by the way, even though it may not seem like it from the pictures.

No true adventure is real without some sort of setback, like when we realized that Dominika outgrew her car seat and had to go buy a new one and we were meeting our friends at an appointed time. We had to go out of the planned route to do this and it can be a little trying when everyone is so excited to get there. We all learned something from that. 

I was so happy to see our Brazilian friends, who along with their lovely children( who are around our children's age!), met us for the adventure. Mark Jacinto and his best friend were so very excited to see each other and be there. Oh man, there is something about your children happy and excited! No other earthly thing can match it. All the sudden, everything is right in the world. 

The parents experienced the afternoon slump, getting espressos and highly caffeinated drinks. Mark Walter just arrived from a long  business trip from London the night before, so I certainly appreciated the extra effort to spend time with his family despite jet lag. He is just that kind of guy, the guy that goes the extra mile for his family. 

I throughly enjoyed the Aquarium, learning about Octopuses and how smart they are( recently I've been thinking a lot about them for some reason), taking in the scenery, being with friends and seeing our children learn new things along with friends. 

Afterwards, on the way home we stopped by a small farmers market to get some fresh fruits & veggies. Mark Jacinto joined me, while papi and Dominika stayed in the car. Once we arrived home we were out, ready to pass out, and so we did. It was a lovely family adventure.


Snapshots of life lately

This week has been a blur. With my work and Mark Jacinto being on Spring Break getting things done had an extra layer of challenge; plus papi was out of town so we missed him much. In spite of that, we got to have many beautiful moments together that I would like to share with you. We visited the Children's Creativity Museum with friends a couple times. This museum is very fitting for both my littles right now, because it caters to both age groups really well. Dominika has gotten very much into playing dress up, foam blocks and using their chalk wall. Mark Jacinto loves their wood slide and animation studio. They also enjoyed their first music/story time show there.

Very much into hats.

This pic reminds me of Cinderella^.^

Last Sunday we went to see a powerful and emotionally charged Flamenco performance at Thirsty Bear, while enjoying Spanish Tapas. I like this place very much, the vibe is nice and relaxed. Our friends Krithika and Amit joined us on that ride. My mother and father in love(law) sent us the cutest Easter Box full of fun Spring/Easter goodies, not to mention cute outfits for the kids. Thank you!

Excellent flamenco show.

Papi's beer, just sayin'.

Some have beer, some wine and some drink milk. Got milk? haha.

This is so my daughter! "Mami, mami help!" ( putting it on)

Love this hearts around San Francisco.

The Palace of fine arts at the center of the pic. 

My Marky.

My girl.

Sunset! View of Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Mason area.

So excited!

"Look, mami".

Mini date, or so it felt.

Chilling. Taking it all in.

One of the items in the box were inflatable kites for the kids, and they went nuts! We had the best of times flying the kites on a bright sunny day and mother running and laughing like a lunatic across the grass field. I can unashamedly say that I can become a five year old in the beat of a heart; given the right conditions of course. Mark Jacinto ran and ran so hard to get his kite going, that by the end of it all, he laid down on the ground completely exhausted with his cheeks as red as a tomato. Dominika took a few good strides at getting her kite going, she had a blast too. 

We explored the marina neighborhood, had dinner at Squat and Gobble and did a little urban hiking through the fort mason area as you can see in the pics; the sunset was absolutely stunning. I love sunsets!

Dominika rarely takes a nap in the afternoon, but one day we played so hard that she fell asleep right before dinner. My heart has been longing for a special bonding time with Mark Jacinto. See, he will be attending kindergarden this coming Fall so I'm a bit nostalgic about the whole thing. It's not that I don't want him to grow up and experience life, that's unavoidable. It's the fact that he will be gone for a longer period of time, that he will be starting sports and lessons and that the amount of one on one bonding times that we used to have will be far less. I'm happy for him because he loves school, his friends and learning things. But also I'm a bit sad because I feel as if time is literally flying so I better squeeze every bit I can. I don't let the latter feeling overpower the fact that we have a beautiful mother and son relationship, that he is an intelligent and happy boy and that he feels very loved. 

Parenthood is such a dynamic thing isn't it? It definitely feels to me like you are juggling many balls at the same time.

We are looking forward to Easter weekend. What are your plans?

Enjoy your family



Yoga for kids & a little family outing

Sickness has been hanging around too long, or so I hear. After Papi came back sick from a business trip, I thought it would be good to take it easy this weekend. After all, he had three IV's at a local New York city hospital! There were lots of lego building, puzzles and disney movies this past day but we decided to head out for a little family outing nonetheless. 

Mark Jacinto doing yoga<3

Mark Jacinto doing yoga<3

I love your smile "little boy"

I love your smile "little boy"

Oh, hello sweetness!

Oh, hello sweetness!

Mark Jacinto took a kid's yoga class at Hyatt Regency along the Embarcadero. At home we have lots of living room dance parties and have explored some yoga stretches with the kids before, so I was excited for him and expectant of how he would react to the group setting. At the beginning of the class he was a little bit shy but once he warmed up, he was very much into it. The Tahoe based instructor knew what she was doing and had a knack for explaining things in a kid friendly way. I loved watching him and by the end of the class he said: 'I love yoga, mom!". It made me so happyyy!  I will always remember the beautiful mantra the teacher taught the kids: "The best in me seeks the best in you, and the best in you seeks the best in me". Isn't that lovely? 

 Soon afterwards, we went to a specialty sandwich bar for lunch and headed to Sue Bierman park for a quick burst of energy release. 

Mark2, father &amp; son.&nbsp;I love their relatonship&lt;3

Mark2, father & son. I love their relatonship<3

The sky that day

The sky that day

Te quiero Wally!

Te quiero Wally!

Got some Mahon&nbsp;spanish cheese from Cowgirl Creamery.&nbsp;My hubby is obsessed with it!&nbsp;

Got some Mahon spanish cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. My hubby is obsessed with it! 

A little bit of a blurry shot but I love it:)

A little bit of a blurry shot but I love it:)

Silly faces^.^

Silly faces^.^

At the Ferry Building, we got some cheese, coffee and ice cream of course. It has kind of become our place to go on quick and fun family outings as of lately.


Daddy and his girl. Every time she's on that pose, it makes me nervous!

Daddy and his girl. Every time she's on that pose, it makes me nervous!



 My husband is a true fan of lights. He's the kind of guy that keeps up with the latest light shows and design just for the fun of it. So, as you may suspect, he loved the light art behind us. It was part of burning man last year and I love that the city commissions and supports this artists on doing cool art/sculptures like this. Thanks San Francisco!