A Sunset Spin with Red Tricyle at Children's Creativity Museum

Entrance of the Museum.

 The Sunset Spin with Red Tricycle event at the Children's Creativity Museum was excellent. It was our first time at the museum and it was amazing. I'm definitely taking the kids back there again. Check it out if you are curious(they even have their own animation studio). Red tricycle is a great website and app for parents to find the best things to do with their kiddos in their city of residency. We have had really good experiences using the suggestions and events on their website and app.

They kindly provided a delicious ensemble of assorted sandwiches, fruit, cheeses, spanakopitas, deli meats and drinks sponsored by Whole Foods. It was Dominika's first time trying spanakopitas and she loved them! 

A really nice detail about the event was that they had Sensible Sitters on board. This meant that us parents had a little bit more room for conversation while watching the kids have fun with their new friends. I enjoyed meeting new parents there and seeing how other families have fun. There was the sweetest grandpa with his 9 month old grandson. He was so involved! I felt so inspired by him<3

The cherry on top of the cake was the free Carousel rides. Oh, how we love carousels!! Dominika was hesitant at the beginning but after the first ride, she got into it.

Yummy food provided by Whole Foods.

Keep going Dominika.

Building things with new amigos (friends).

Put those puppets back, darling.

Hello, there!

She loves legos ^.^

Where did the ball go?

Met some wonderful parents there.

Ah! My boy at the Carousel. He loves the 'caballos'(horses)

Thanks for having us Red tricycle! We had a blast.