Little car town craft & Playdate

We were at Target the other day, and as we passed through the art supplies section,  I noticed  a large foam board sheet that reminded me of race cars. My son is always playing with his little cars and making engine noises.The idea of a little car town craft came to mind. We invited some friends to join us on the adventure. Pictures below if you'll like to see.

He was pleased with his work. I love his smile<3

Materials for the craft project:

  • Foam board
  • colored construction paper
  • crayons, sharpies, pencils
  • glitter pens (for extra fun)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • white chalk
  • tiny cars, trucks, trains, etc.
  • heavy weight paper, cards( to support the back of the buildings)


Mommy and Noble, so cute!

Glueing again! He took a long time.

Glueing again! He took a long time.

Look at that face^.^

Mark Jacinto and his friend Honor.

His project done!

We had a good time. At first, it was a little bit more hustle with the little ones but it was worth it. They settled by coloring with crayons, listening to Frozen songs and eating popcorn for a while. I throughly enjoyed seeing the older guys come up with such creative ideas. It was the first time crafting with Honor and he wowed me. His clean cut road, the precision of his process in general and what buildings he decided to create was pretty cool!

Mark Jacinto was very into glueing, cutting, using our new glitter pens( they are fun!) and directing me on where he wanted to put the buildings( he is my little project manager;)

Two of my favorite moments were when Honor said: 'This is fun, mom' with a smile on his face. The other moment was when Mark Jacinto smiled, looked at me and said: 'I'm happy mom' while smiling big.

It makes everything so worth it =)  A little video below.. the little voice in the background is Dominika wanting milk, haha.

Thanks to our friends Bea, Honor and Noble for joining us on the adventure.

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