Valentine Crafts + Playdate

Left to right Mark Jacinto's card, Leo, Cecilia and Dominika's card. The boys signed them inside.

We had our friends Paula & kids over for a playdate and Valentine craft. As always, we had much fun together and the kids took great pride in decorating and signing the cards they have made for their dads. It's very cool for me to watch how kids are never boring and are always coming up with something new. This time around, Mark Jacinto and Leo were big on the game Simon says and "swimming" on the floor, haha. Dominika and Cecilia were having a little tea party with one cup and mandarin oranges, hehe( I couldn't find the others with everything going on!) 

Dominika was set on trying Paula's shoes (she's very much into all things shoes nowadays) while little Cecilia loved playing with the grocery cart and was very determined to get the most out of her time at "the grocery store". Love these girls for they have a fierce and determined nature<3

Here are bits and pieces of our time together, if you'll like to see.

Setting the stage for great artwork^.^

Grocery lady

His intense focus is admirable=)

We used the following materials for our love card project:

  • Heavy weight paper I got at Target
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Pencils( for the kids to sign their names)
  • Sharpie to draw the heart and love u letters
  • thin paper(to crumble and create texture 
  • glue
  • beads in Valentine colors

Watch out, kids at work! So serious..

Her latest fixation: shoes.

Tea-n-mandarin oranges party;)

Leo's mom mentioned that he is not a big fan of crafts so I was delighted when he did such a wonderful job at it=)

Recently, I have become a big crafts with kids convert because I see the lasting benefits. The following morning, the first thing Mark Jacinto did when we got downstairs was admire the card he has made for daddy. He said: 'I made this mom, I made this for papi". Throughout the day( since my hubby was traveling) Mark Jacinto kept looking at it with a glow in his eyes, liking what he had made.  

The card is currently residing on papi's office desk...

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