Trip to Napa


I wanted to share a special trip to wine country we took with the Kropf grandparents. We visited Castello di Amorosa in Napa Valley. This beautiful winery was pretty kid friendly since it had a little farm( no cows lived there). The kids loved checking out the animals and Mark Jacinto specially enjoyed taking pictures of the sheep with his camera watch( the one he got for his bday) 

do these grapes make juice?

snapping photos of sheep ^.^

This trip was all about family connexion and embracing the time we had been given together. The grandparents live in Ohio, so coming together despite different work schedules and engagements, always makes us want to squeeze the most value out of our time. 

One of the things that fascinates me about Mark Jacinto and Dominika, is that they are beauty seekers, always hungry and hunting for the beautiful things in life. I enjoyed observing my son snapping pictures of animals, flowers, insects and little details that captured his attention. Dominika loved being showered with kisses and lots of attention by her grandparents.

grandma Kropf and Dominika

Hola mi galan!

Daddy and his girl<3

The castle itself was full of amazing and intricate details. They have kept the medieval theme and style very consistent throughout the entire winery. The owner's passion for medieval architecture shows; my favorite room above called the Great Hall. 

My esposo bonito and I.

We love family pictures whenever possible, so took a moment there to get a picture or two together with my man. The rest was taking it all in since we decided to do a self-guided tour.

happy kiddos.

highschool sweethearts ^.^

lots of wine

We did the wine tasting, taking turns and teaming up with the grandparents. While we did the tasting, they had the kids coloring on the little kiddy table area they had available and then traded spots. Their store is full of wonderful books that make me want to live the simple farm life someday. Those italian homemade meals in a farm kitchen and the slow life full of simple things seem attractive to me but then again, I'm loving the urban lifestyle. The store also offers eclectic foods, kitchen ware and just all out beautiful things. 

My little niño. You will always be my little boy.

interesting medieval potties. 

Ok, look at the bathroom, ha! The whole place was visually very appealing. Loved the armor below and the kids couldn't stop staring at it. Incredible to think that humans wore that sort of thing, specially for battle. How can you really move wearing that? 

medieval armor.


hey you, giggly boy.

This scenery, ah!.

The whole scenery of Napa and the place we were at was just breathtaking, it felt like you were transported to a different time. Mark Walter aka Wally, took a photo of me in which I couldn't figure out what emotion I was in. I looked somewhat upset but then again, maybe I needed to use the medieval potty? I can't remember.

Just loved the castle and specially this angle/view of it.

Mi princesita<3

We went to Bottega for lunch and it was a very delicious experience. I ordered ravioli with an egg inside, just heavenly! If you go there, do order their cheese plate, its quality I'm telling you.

My girl.

She loves flowers=-)

We almost stayed there for more activities, but it proved to be a wise choice to go home after that. By the time we got home, we had some Cream before dinner;-), did the littles night night routine and were able to smoothly pull it off. We have found it's much better to do a bit less but more quality than cram everything in one day(as we tend to when family/friends visit) and have the kids overtired. 

It was a beautiful family outing and I'm grateful for it<3