Santa Monica Beach at the Pier

We are home now and after a crazy hot San Francisco summer day, I'm done with the heat...for a couple of days;-) I wanted to share some photos from our day at Santa Monica Beach. 

We started our day with a power breakfast of course. I took a picture of my goat cheese, roasted tomatoes and avocado omelette since it made me so happy, so good you guys. I don't want to sound all about external things, but when it comes to food, a nice healthy nutrient rich breakfast makes me feel like a champion. Mothering is my race. Wink.

The kids were allowed to have blueberry pancakes pretty much everyday, they were in heaven! Chris, Taty's husband, had just joined us the night before, so it was pretty special to have him over. The kids love him and it's always heart warming for me to see family members pouring on them. 

It was such a beautiful day, sunny and bright but not overwhelmingly hot. The smell of the ocean always relaxes the heart and makes your lungs expand a little extra inch. The people at the pier with their easy going demeanor added to that relaxation. Dominika stayed in the stroller nice and quite for a bit, allowing me to take it all in. 

Mark Jacinto and papi went inside a place full of games, I couldn't tell who was happier father or son. After a while, I got a little exasperated thinking there's this great beach in front of us, let's get to it! But then Chris pointed out how much of a blast they were having and that they were running out of tokens anyhow, haha. This just reminded me about the concept of love, of family and friendship. I mean, we want everyone in our tribe to have a good time, right? A big part of that is yielding to what others like, what makes them happy. I see it as a happy dance in which all the parties know they can trust they will eventually get their turn.  


Since my sister was there, we went crazy taking pictures( we latinos like taking lots of  pictures!). I can't tell you how life giving was to see my sister and get to spend almost a week with her. Papi worked most days and spent his evenings with us. A certain little girl was getting a bit cranky and wanted to brake free and run to wherever she wanted to go. This two year old face is a time were discipline and clear rules are a must around here. It's specially hard when she looks at me with those darling brown eyes, but you gotta do what you gotta do. 


I love this picture of our family<3 Mark Jacinto and the boys were all about doing the rides so we headed there. A love for rides comes from Mark Jacinto's genes, his dad and his dad's dad love them too. 

After we were done there, we headed to the beach. Ah the beach!! 

I loved seeing my boy so happy making up stories and playing with the waves. Sometime, I would like to share his stories with you; they are pretty great.

My sweety Dominika was hesitant to get in the water but eventually warmed up to it. Her favorite thing was building "castles" on top of my legs. 

My sister took the picture above, I think it pretty much captures how I felt that day. We thought it was a good time to take a shot wearing my Bodee Dekor jewelry.

After the beach, we went to the Santa Monica promenade for a bite, light shopping, frozen yogurt and coffee. It was a pretty great day and I'm thankful for it.

Thanks for reading!