Cable cars, Ghiraldelli, Pier 39 and everything else adventures

To continue to celebrate our visiting family and friend adventures in San Francisco, we took the opportunity by exploring some of the signatures places and dishes around this gorgeous city. We walked for miles upon miles. A big hurray to everyone specially Mark Jacinto for truly enduring the long journey. The kid has amazing stamina I'll tell you!

We loved sharing one of our favorite things to do in SF, ride the cable cars! It was the weekend and so we waited a while to ride them. It didn't matter though, with this gang you always have fun. My sister and mother-in-love were chatting about getting massages, going to a blowout bar together and bike riding. We sang broadway songs and catch on New Girl latest episodes. I think that would give you an idea of how long we waited for our ride! ;-)

It was all worth it, though. I mean the scenic views you get from taking the Mason Beach cable car leaves me speechless. It's childlike, it's special, its amazing!! Sure, a little cold and noisy too( that's for you, realists!)

My niña wants to be on the move always!

Our friend loves pirates!

Bonnie and Mark W.

I shall eat crab very soon.

On our way to Pier 39 we resisted all kinds of temptations. From freshly baked pizza, to ice cream to seafood. We were strong for a little while until... on our way back we all agreed that regret would have been far too painful, and that we needed to have an "early dinner" at 3pm, haha.

Ah! this view. I don't get tired of it!

Amazing and colorful flowers at Pier 39.


Our early dinner choice or big snack, as we told ourselves, was Boudin. Oh my, oh my, not a single regret. That's all I got to say. They bake their own breads and everything there is amazingly tasty. The shrimp sandwich and clam chowder in a bread bowl are among my very favorites.

Boudin, soo good!

This hit the spot. Warm soup for a very windy day!

Breastfeeding goddess<3

The gentleman above playing the violin was out of this world. Street artists are the best, this guy was in a new realm; a place of his own. The inspiration and passion flowing out of his performance left us breathing deep. We also got some Ghirardelli ice cream while enjoying the performance. 

Girl and her glasses. 

Fort Mason!

By the time we got to Fort Mason, it got dark and chilly. I wished our family got to see the shiny Marina, not the gloomy Marina but regardless, they liked it. Being on top of that hill is a real treat. We got to enjoy this amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Love this place<3

We ended up at the Palace of Fine Arts, such a beautiful historic place! It has endured all kinds of tests, earthquakes and whatnot. I want to be resilient like this place<3. Click, here to learn about it.

The kids started to hit their limit, so we got an Uber to get back to our place. By the time we got home we were spent. It was an amazing experience to get to share this with our loved ones.

Thank you, Lord!