San Francisco Opera at AT&T Park

Last night we went to an exciting event, the San Francisco Opera performance of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro that was simulcasted live from the War Memorial Opera House. I loved the performance for many many reasons. First, because I love Opera as an art form, I studied classical singing since I was a teenager, at college and have had performance experiences both in Opera and concert. Second, because it was our first time at the AT&T stadium and you guys know how much I like new things plus is an awesome place anyway! Third, because anytime that I get to do fun things with my beloved family is always a blast. 

The actual performances were great, top notch singers and amazing orchestra. Lisette Oropesa as Susanna and Nadine Sierra as the Countess Almaviva were spectacular, their voices are very well trained and with spark, individual quality and freshness. I can't wait to see them in concert sometime! The Cherubino character was very charming and with delightful nuance in her singing.  

The kids cracked me up with their silly things. Mark Jacinto and Dominika were trying to imitate the singers voices at various times. Mark Jacinto was trying to figure out the plot and asking many questions. The Marriage of Figaro or Le Nozze di Figaro( the original name) is in italian so that's the language the singers sang in. They did provide subtitles, so that was a help for the audience. 

Lisette Oropesa did a fantastic job as Susanna.

He was entranced and puzzled trying to figure the plot out.

We picked up some Chipotle before heading to the stadium, so they can have their rice and beans while watching the Opera. Pretty eclectic right? ;-)

This kids sure love their beans and Dominika is crazy about guacamole. 

So much focus^.^

The Stars Spangled Banner sang by the choir and us audience joined in.

I liked the information and trivia they were giving before the performance started.

Bugs Bunny Cartoon in between intermission.

The kids loved the Bugs Bunny Opera inspired cartoons, they were hilarious! In the one above, the Figaro is trying so hard to have a nice rehearsal but the Bunny keeps getting in his way.

Such a lovely experience for my family and I. Grateful with this city and the great cultural and artistic experiences it provides. 

Ci vediamo!