Family Outing: Nopalito & De Young Museum

Bluecorn tortilla quedadilla. So good^.^

A few days ago, papi took an entire day off just to be with us. It felt pretty special since it was during the week. We went to visit the De Young Museum for the first time and had lunch at Nopalito. I loved the atmosphere in that place, I don't know why, I just felt at home. Spicy food is a plus in my book. Nopalito welcomed us with a small bowl of spicy roasted chickpeas that they served as an appetizer. They were so delicious, that I didn't even have time to take a picture of them because they were gone before I came to my senses. Gotta try the recipe! I was in cloud 9, seriously. Good food does affect me in that sort of way. My daughter inherited the same gene were food can have such a profound effect on you, as to make you dance or close your eyes because you achieved food nirvana, haha. 

Anyways, they had great mexican food, specially if you are into spicy food. The ceviche was very spicy. The traditional ceviche I grew up with(ecuadorean ceviche), it's not spicy at all so this was a nice take. They make their own chips and tasted so so good. We'll be back, Nopalito. You go to restautants to have great food and to have a good experience. We left having both and I love when that happens!

Afterwards, we walked to Golden Gate Park and headed to the museum. I can't even tell you how much I loved this museum. It was our first time there( I've been wanting to go there for a while!) and so was very impressed. Mark Walter and I enjoyed the architecture of the building, so Dwell! Many clean lines, natural colors, lots of wood and wide spaces. I literally felt that my head got into a calm state of mind just by being there. 

We enjoyed seeing the artwork together, talking about it and saying which ones were our favorites. As always with children there are potty brakes, snack brakes, and whatnot brakes so taking it sloooowly and giving plenty of time was essential for everyone's happiness. 

I also like that this kind of places, remind us to exercise our "inside voices" intentionally and that the museum is family friendly.

My family. A kind gentleman took this picture.

Mi niña. My girl at 19 months young.

On their way to the museum.

This place gives me peace.

Rad lights at their cafe.

Papi and son.

One of my favorite moments. Seeing my son stop to admire the flowers, what a gift!

The museum's cafe outside.

From the top floor.

This view.

Hello, San Fran!

We loved the South of Market exhibition by Janet Delancey, since it artfully portrayed the transformation that the area we currently live on, has gone through since the 70's. 

We ended up buying a print with the beautiful lady above on the right, since we liked it so much. It was such a beautiful family time I will forever cherish in my heart. Thankful.