My kid's report

We went to the library hand in hand, and rented what seemed like a boat load of books in Spanish( we are a bilingual household). These past two weeks, we have gotten into a little but very significant and pleasurable habit. We have been curling up on the couch reading books, discussing and doing some basic critical thinking. It's oh, so much fun and  relaxing. The first couple of days, either Dominika or Mark Jacinto would throw a little tantrum regarding the book of choice, but as the days passed, we have gotten into a rhythm thankfully. 

It's not that we haven't read to them before, its the consistency of it during the day. We usually have read to them mostly at night. I think they are starting to get that reading is an enjoyable plus cognitively stimulating activity. Don't even get me started on how much I love cuddling/bonding with them and their funny questions. Mark Jacinto has even started giving us his own little summary of the story. Yey for simple yet impactful life altering things; one of my favorite things. You may ask life altering, why? First, because I tend to be quite dramatic in my expressions sometimes but really, it has changed the genetic makeup of our home. Dominika and Marky both have started to pick up books on their own for pleasure and really sit for themselves and 'read'. It could take sometimes good half an hour, other times they just say "libro, libro" (book) and I immediately know that they want me to read to them. The seed of love for reading has been planted, now it's my job to keep providing opportunities beyond bedtime stories and going to the library. I'm quite passionate about this topic. More on this in future posts.

Now, onto my kid's report. These kids never stop amazing me. Their little signature phrases, gestures and character traits make my life full of silly smiles.


  • This girl is catching up to her brother rather quickly. She knows what she likes and very clearly voices her opinion when something doesn't please her.
  • She wakes up with the coolest morning hair I have ever seen!
  • Her current most consistent question after papi goes to work is: "Mama, where's papi? " Mother: He's at work. Dominika: Whyyy?! Mother: Because he has to work, it's good to work. Dominika: Whyyy,  Mother: He is at work till he comes home ok?  Dominika: "Okeyyy".
  • She loves to shake her head from side to side like a rock star while laughing uncontrollably. No wonder why my love for Queen started when I got pregnant with her.
  • The other day...Mom: "I love you, Minnie"(we call her like that sometimes) Dominika: "Ok". (with a nonchalant attitude, hehe). 
  • Mom: " We are are getting out the door in 5 minutes" Dominika: "Yeiiiii, yeiiiii!!!" and runs to get her favorite shoes.
  • She waves and says hi to everyone(when she's not in shy mode, of course) "Hi. hiiiiiiii" 
  • Almost every time I change her diaper she sings.
  • She woke up so cranky this morning that every time I wanted to caress her, she would say "no". I figured it was because she didn't want to be disturbed. Goodness, it's way to early for that!. It's quite comical in reality because there she is, that little body of hers but such a strong energy already. 


Mark Jacinto:

  •  "Mom, I'm so glad to see you!" (with a big smile while looking straight into your eyes)
  • "Good morning mom, How did you sleep? Did you sleep good?" ( I don't get tire of these questions, ever)
  • He has gotten a little bossy( we are working on that) and likes to lead. If we are playing say legos, he always has instructions and communicates his vision for how the game should go. It's a natural part of his personality.
  • He is always thinking about his family members, asking about them and how they are doing. He is equally concerned for his friends. 
  • I know when he really treasures someone because he places the word my before their names. An example would be: "My Leo" or "My  grandma"
  • "I'm so happy mom!" (He started saying that since our Disney World trip=)
  • He wants to make sure everyone is always happy. If everyone is happy, he is happy. I love his heart. He's got a big one!.
  • He asks about everything, I mean everything. Why this, why that. "But, why mom?" This mama needs to take a very deep breath sometimes. 
  • He asked his dad "Why is Dominika upset?" Dad: "Don't worry Marky, she is just PMSing" Mark Jacinto: "Eeeeew!" 
  • He looks quite grown up lately, it kind of hurts to see him growing up so fast.
  • His latest thing is making sure you really get what he is communicating. He does so by asking at the end of almost every sentence "Ok, mom. Okey?"( with a firm voice)

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you'll like to share, I would like to know what are the cutest things your kiddos are doing right now? or what was the cutest thing you did as a kid? 

If you don't know, ask your parents;)

have a lovely rest of the weekend.