Hot Dog Party: Mark Jacinto the party planner

I'm so excited to share the story of this hotdog party. While sitting on the couch writing, Mark Jacinto( my son) came to talk to me about something, and it look pretty important. He said he wanted a hot dog party. He started to go on and on about it while I was jotting down his ideas. Hot dogs, balloons, brocoli, fruit, friends, crafts and cake were on his list. He communicated his vision with passion and conviction; so I followed.

Next thing we know it's the hotdog party day and he wakes up extra early because as he said it himself: " we got to get ready, mom. I'm gonna help you". This kid you guys, I can't even...

We had a blast with the kids, it really does melt my heart seeing children so happy. So grateful for the wonderful mother/friends that came and for those littles and their limitless imaginations and joie de vivre that I find so contagious. 

It was mid afternoon and our guests started to arrive. Everyone started to greet each other and kids started to play. For a while, I thought I was at a preschool or something. 

There was flow to the party and who doesn't like hot dogs anyways? Toys here, toys there, toys everywhere! 

The kids started to get hungry so when I said the word "hot dog" everyone was so excited. I think there is much to be learned from children, most of the time they are grateful for anything and so happy to be alive! I know I feel I'm being thought everyday^.^

Beautiful friends always make the day=)

kids munching, it was pretty silent for a second ;-)

After eating and playing some more we went outside to blow bubbles. Everyone chose a bottle in their favorite color( kids are always elated to have choice).

Ah! look at that face^.^


Hermanos (Siblings)<3

They invented their own games, pretty fun to watch.

Happy birthday hot dog, haha. 

It was time for the cake and the kids sang happy birthday to the hot dog. It's hard for Mark Jacinto to understand that party and birthdays can be mutually exclusive, so we just went ahead and pay mr. hot dog his homage. 

May I just say this event was a cause of great happiness for us. We, as humans, tend to forget to celebrate the everyday, being alive and our friends. This reminded me that we need more parties in our life. Thanks Mark Jacinto for your great ideas. You are a light and a joy hijo (son). Te amo.