Japanese Tea Garden

About 2.5 weeks ago, we went to the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park. Dominika wanted to wear her Anna dress. Yes, I know it's not Anna's dress is Elsa's dress but who can convince Dominika that they are in fact two different characters!. It's a tomato- tomatoh sort of thing at this point. In little girl's head, she was dressed like Anna and she loved it. She's been very much into dressing up, this little girl of mine. Accessories, dresses, shoes and all those sort of feminine things have been fun for her lately.

Mark Walter and I love going to the Japanese tea garden and it felt wonderful to share it with my mother and sister in love(law). Asian anything has always been a darling part of our interests and we even decorate our home with asian touches. This place is calm and gives us much peace to be there.

My little girl. Everyday is an adventure with you.

"Look grandma, look"

Elsa Dominika

This was such an experience.

Something I'm really into lately is a wonderful tea experience. This was one of them! This Japanese pancakes with red bean paste inside are wonderful! The tea was exquisite and it was hands down the highlight of our morning. Everyone was so quite, I could almost hear the sound of the air. I also spotted some really cool hats that I have never seen before. The hats had an asian flair to them but very modern, such a fashion statement. I still remember them in my head!

I feel like I can stay in the garden the whole day, just admiring the beauty of nature. Afterwards, we decided to go to the De young museum for a bite to eat. 

iphone Mark, or so it looks like.

Where are you going princess?

There is this fun dome like place by the museum's cafe that the kids love. Mark Jacinto always ends up singing inside which gives back the coolest echo ever. 

At the park for the grand finale to a lovely family outing.