It's been fun San Francisco!!!

Hi guys!

So this post has been long due. Thanks to those who have reached out and have asked, so did you moved to New York City? Yes, we did! (more about that on a later post ) This post is about our two and a half years of adventures in San Francisco. 

We moved to SF when Dominika was just shy of four months old. I remember vividly how tiny she was, the crazy amount of containers we moved in with, all the new and more new. My neural connections most have been overloaded with all the changes; and I had fun. It was awesome, hard (logistics of transportation and trying not to get lost) and full of the unknown (my favorite part). 

People danced at a different beat there, and the cultural values were much different than Ohio( my previous home). We started to meet people, create connections and after couple of months we found our Epic church community

As I reflect on our time in the fabulous city that San Francisco is, the one thing that seems to stand out the most in my mind are the faces of people. Friends, neighbors, mentors, soul-sisters, playdates and  meet ups with very special human beings. San francisco, it was so much fun to have lived within your chambers in Soma, walking distance from the  Embarcadero, to have been able to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate park ad libitum. But do you wanna know what I treasure the most of my time there? The people!

As time went by, new challenges arose and my husband started traveling a lot for work, and through that experience God taught me so many lessons I'm very grateful for.

Within your territory, dear San Francisco, I learned to embrace motherhood in a way that I had not known before. With its challenges and joys, God taught me to magnify the good and live more deeply in the present moment. I began to see more beauty in the messes and became more optimistic than ever. My children began to grow, and I with them.

In your land, San Francisco, I grew closer to God. I learned to seek Him more for the sheer pleasure and privilege of his divine presence rather than for what He could give me or protect me from. 

I began to understand more of what His calling is for my life and make more sense of the seemingly disconnected pieces.

We grew closer as a family unit despite the distance, and made sure to have as much quality time as possible.

I watched my children love others with a tender and giving heart.

I overcame some  fears and grew bolder in the areas that needed it.

I'm tremendously grateful for my time there. It has been fun San Francisco, you have a very special place in my heart.

And now on to new adventures,

Thank you Lord.

Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, Marin Headlands, Muir woods and more

So last week was packed with activities, little trips and exploration with our beloved visiting family members and friend Bonnie. As in my previous blog post, we went all over and covered a vast amount of territory, but this time we rented a van. Mother weather wasn't collaborating with us in that it wasn't sunny, which is the ideal, right? Being the optimist I am though, I found myself delighted. There is something special about Carl the Fog, as some people call it here in San Francisco. It wasn't particularly cold, just misty and very refreshing. The fog, wrapped us up with its mystery, and it kind of had an air of romance at times. 

As my hubby described it, it felt like a nice glass of cold water in the morning. I loved sharing this with my family. As the title described it we went to Golden Gate Bridge, and walked half way and back to get the experience since we had a dense schedule that day. I felt joy in my heart for being able to share this with these special people God had given me as family. 

My family Kropf West.

Mark Jacinto with two very special women in his life. 

Mark "Wally" and Mr. B

Us again<3

Ok, I just adore her smile in this picture. My cheeky girl.

View from the bridge.

Mark jacinto skipping.


Playing silly games with grandma.


We took some pictures, went into the shop and headed to Hawk Hill for the view of views of the Golden Gate bridge, in my opinion. I'm usually accustomed to seeing it while bright and sunny but I liked experiencing something different this time. The weather and general ambiance of the day reminded me of the magnificent weather of the highlands in my country of origin, Ecuador. 

She's so loved!

Double decker bus. 

This view on the top of Hawk Hill.

You've got my heart, little girl.

History of this bridge. I didn't know the amount of worked involved and how long it took to finish it. Amazing!

So deep in thought

Went to Taste of Rome, an Italian restaurant in Sausalito, which serves really great pizza. Sorry guys, no pics this time around. I learned from Mr. B that spaghetti and clams pair well together, that there are very interesting ways of cooking fish and that he loved raw gluten free desserts. Gotta try them! I loved gluten free baked goods but as for the raw ones, it will be a first.

Sugar or splenda.... Real sugar!!!!

At Marin Headlands beach, I stayed with Dominika in the van to help her fall asleep. She was so excited that she didn't want to nap. Thanks Mark Walter for the pictures! Afterwards, we headed to Muir woods and walked for a while. We were just taking it all in, absorbing all the beauty of mother nature. What amazing trees! We've been here a couple of times before, but it never ceases to amaze! And the history of course, it's pretty neat. Check it out here.

This place is astounding. Nature gives me such peace. 

One of the houses at Lombard street. Pretty flowers!

At Muir Woods with auntie.

View from the top of Lombard street.

On the way back home we listened to Juanes. This artist is one of my favorites, always takes me back to my roots, the feeling of what it means to have been born a south american, the warmth, the culture, the people. Such is the power of music, to transport you to a different place, a time and space. We couldn't pass the opportunity to go down the famous Lombard Street.

View of the Bay Bridge. 

My family had a kick out of this. Once we got home, we ordered Umami Burgers, meanwhile I heated up some food for the kids since they were hungry. After that, it was all a blur, probably because we were spent.