Family Outing: The uphill shortcut to Fisherman's Warf

We went up Powell Street, through Nob Hill on the way to Fisherman's Warf. It was an exceptionally beautiful day with my family, the kids walked a lot! I knew Mark Jacinto had good endurance but we hiked up some killer hills and all he said once was: " Mom, I'm hot" (while taking his jacket off). These kids never cease to amaze me! 

We have never taken this route when going to the Fisherman's Warf before. It was a refreshing path for us as we saw many things we discovered we wanted to do. We saw new parks, museums and restaurants we would like to try. Once we got there, we went straight to see the sea lions and take on the amazing view and weather. We enjoyed a meal at Boudin, which by the way it was my first time trying clam chowder served on a bread bowl, and it was delicious! 

Uphill, uphill!


Love this cute little food stands.

Mother & Child.

She loves apples, eats one pretty much everyday!

Pier 39 resident.

These two have such a beautiful relationship<3

Sea Lions, the story of how they became pier 39 residents it's pretty neat.


My love and I.

On the way back we walked all the way to Embarcadero station and stopped by to interact with some street/technology art they had open to the public as an experiment on the street. We love San Francisco and are very thankful to live here!