Visiting the Exploratorium & thoughts on dating

I wanted to share a quick post on a visit to the Exploratorium while my mother and sister in love where here. This place is supposed to be for older children, but I love seeing Dominika so curious and exploring already. 

Dominika is already telling papi what to do;-) There, there! This little girl of mine is "cosa seria" (serious thing/business)

While running around, she fell and I caught her "in the moment". Such a goofy girl she is ^.^ Her favorite word nowadays is saying "no" with a sweet voice.

A selfie just because.

A selfie just because.

This is her face when she is doing something she shouldn't be doing!!


Above, a picture of a special date we had. We felt good leaving the kids in good hands with their auntie and grandma, so it made it easy for us to enjoy our evening together.

The past week I was quite sick and then Dominika got the bug too. It feels good to be back at my regular routine. I've got lots of things to share with you, but I must go to bed now if not I'll hate myself tomorrow. While having family in town for the past two weeks has been amazing it left me exhausted. Ready to start  brand new week.



Los amo chiquillos<3

The kids and I love going to the Exploratorium here in San Francisco. This place is amazing and filled with hours upon hours of fun exploration not only for the littles but for adults as well, they even have Thursday night cocktail events! 

I enjoy the parent-child engagement that this place provides. As we go from one station/exhibit to another, I talk to them about what they are doing and in the process we learn about new concepts, how things work or a different perspective. 

Most of the stations there are very science & technology oriented(which i love), and in most cases has the kids physically interact with it, teaching valuable lessons of cause and effect and involving the senses.

Mark Jacinto loves that they use cool colored LED lights, Dominika likes that there are plenty of areas for a little one like her to play and interact. They have a room were all the walls are pegboards and they provide the kids with sticks, pebbles and whatnot so that they can build things and create.  

 Mark Jacinto making patterns with his fingers.

I love how the city takes this vintage street cars, that often come from places like Italy, and renovate them. 

Cool lights, mami! (he said)

Hey there Mr. Robot! This family loves robots and impersonating them.


This is one of Mark Jacinto's favorite rooms, the shadow box, which takes pictures every couple of seconds.

My babies being goofy ^.^

They are really good friends and keep each other accountable ;-)

We really enjoy doing this as a family, and personally appreciate an stimulating place were mommas can learn new and interesting things.