Family Outing in The Mission Neighborhood

We went on a family adventure in the Mission Neighborhood. We headed to Tacolicious, which offers incredible Mexican food. They even released their first book as a restaurant! Our friends introduced this place to us on a casual Thursday hangout, and ever since it has become one of our favorite restaurants. I specially like their food presentation, and their taco of the week feature avoids client boredom.

I couldn't walk by Valencia street without grabbing an Horchata from Boba Guys. It has become one of my favorite drinks ever. Dominika is my partner in crime, every single time. Afterwards, we explored Dolores Park for the first time. It's such a beautiful park. Yes, we have lived here in San Francisco for over a year now and indeed, this was our first there. We have been up and down and around Valencia street, but for some reason never went to Dolores park before. Ha!

I was impressed. I loved the park, the feel of it, the structure and surroundings, the great views and how the sun rays somehow mightily poured their light on that park. The kids absolutely loved it, too. Mark Jacinto has requested that we go there more often. That's quite fine by me. I met a lovely woman named Amanda and her daughter Chloe. They were super nice and gave us some insider tips about the neighborhood, and family life there. It's quite refreshing when you meet a total stranger and suddenly you become good friends and even schedule a hangout. 

In papi's arms<3

Waiting for our Horchata drinks.

El edificio de la Mujer. pretty cool!

His grip and concentration have been coming along=)

Oh, Tacolicious!

Awesome view.(on top of the slide)

She loves anything that spins.

Both kids loved these "scooters"

Dominika: Yei!

Playing make-believe with mami.

Kids playing in the sand.

One of his favorite parts.

Mi esposo guapo y yo<3


Afterwards, we met Zach and Joy for a little meet up. By the time we were done, it was getting dark and kids needed to go to bed. On our way back home we reminisced about our life together and how fast our children are growing up. How thankful we are to have each other. 

Thank you Lord.