Family Outing: At the Farm with the Fam


While in Ohio, we went to a farm that was favorited by the kids when we lived there. This place brought back many memories of pumpkin patches and birthday parties. It was lovely to visit it again and enjoy a little outing with the family. 

On that day, there were barely any visitors which is quite rare, this place Nickajack Farms, is usually packed. The kids kept asking for cows but were a little disappointed to not find one there. I heard from my father in law(love) Gary that cows take a huge deal of work and supervision quite literally 365 days. we realized that not every farm has a cow after all. "There was a farm who had a dog and Bingo was his name" didn't apply here;-)

So happy with his cousins<3

There were a lot of firsts on this visit to the farm. The kids had their first horse ride. Dominika was delighted and was so confident that she didn't need grandpa to hold her the whole time. It was just her and a beautiful horse named Oliver. Mark Jacinto was very calm about it. These kids always surprise me.

The other first was me singing to the llamas. I don't know what instigated this occurrence, but all of a sudden, I had the instinct to sing to them. They seemed to like it. Llamas are beautiful animals with an almost aloof expression. 

Dominika and I were a little over dressed for the farm;-) I told myself to not overpack so brought just a few outfits, but let's be real; I have a lot to learn regarding packing our family effectively.

My girl and I

aunt Michelle=)

Papi and his girl.

Ok, someone had a lot of fun, aka everybody! 

Work it girl, work it. 

Dominika was carrying that teddy bear everywhere! 

His first time riding a horse ^.^

Her first time riding a horse<3

Look at that face^.^

For some reason, the kids got super entertained with the hay machine. They spent a long time there, in fact, they would have spent the entire day there if we had let them! So glad cousin Lily was able to join us. It was a lovely time at the farm.

Thanks for reading!