Governors Island

This Summer has brought many adventures for our family. One of them was Governors Island. This happened many weeks ago. It was fun to explore an island, learn some history behind it and take the Ferry.

The day started gloomy, like it could rain anytime sort of day. I just wanted to head out since I don't mind getting wet. It was one of those days that you wanted a change of scenery; that was me and my crew. But where? I heard from a friend that she had a really good time at Governors Island recently, and since she has a good track record of giving good advise I went with it.

Here are some photos of our adventure:

We headed to Pier 6 to take the Ferry! We loved that place got to see new restaurants and shops we have never seen before.

I love getting pictures with the kids, they make me giggle!

Hola guapo!!!

Dominika and her signature WINK.

This was pretty hilarious. So that was around the time that the Pokemon app came out. Well, everywhere we went people of all size, colors and languages were playing it. As we walked, we kept hearing and seeing people glued to their phones playing it. I got to be honest, I wasn't thrilled. 

I want family time to be our safe haven, time were we focus on each other. I didn't realize though, that you could learn many neat things about history and why things are there. So, they played a little bit as in the picture above. Both Marks were completely absorbed.

I'm learning that love is giving space and respect for people to be who they are and explore their interests and what makes them happy. A couple of minutes of Pokemon app is not bad as we took a break from walking. Both boys were energized by their new game and we kept going about our day after that. There are things I can compromise on and others I won't, like cell phones at dinner time, that is a big no-no! 

Te amo princesa<3

Mark Jacinto was in a reflective mood that day. Was it the cloudiness?

I love seeing them have these experiences. Is kind of like a double rainbow, or quadruple shall I say. So they are having fun and I'm having fun. Motherhood is really a gift.

When we got to the Island, Dominika decided she didn't want to walk anymore. We are getting rid of the need for a stroller slowly but surely and this change is bringing a little resistance from a certain little señorita.

Each kid is so different. Mark Jacinto was doing hour long hikes with me before age three, while Dominika prefers her stroller. We are doing what we call stroller interval separation training...I just made that up;-)

One of my favorite parts was renting the little family bikes and go around the island! 

The kids favorite part was probably the food truck waffles, mine was the Ferry and Mark Walter's was probably the bicycle.