A Fall afternoon in Central park

This past Saturday our family headed to Central park for some exploration and yummy food. Mark is always the one in charge of finding a satisfying eatery and he has never let me down. I guess the element of surprise, which i love, is one of the most exciting things in life for me. The "not knowing" and then oh, surprise!!. My two children got that gene two, give it to Ecuadoreans, I guess. 

Anyways, I've been itching to get the family together and take some formal "family pics" for my mantel by the dinning room table. I'm in this kick of wanting to add more detail to our cozy little home.

On our way to Central park, Mark took us for lunch at the Smith which happened to be across Lincoln center and, since I've always been a lover of opera and ballet, I was just very content to be there. The weather was nice enough to eat outside, sun shinning on my face, Dominika napping in her stroller (rare occasion), short 10 minute waiting time for our table. Yes, yes! 

The food was pretty darn tasty and that mac and cheese was divine! I love mac and cheese!! Our weekends have been pretty indulgent lately so we gotta stop and introduce more greens on the table. Seriously.

Once we finished our meal, Mark Walter bought us coffee since it started to get a little chilly and that's when the race began...

No, it wasn't the nyc marathon race yet, since it was Saturday ( marathon happened on Sunday). It was the race going on in my heart... and I'm not trying to be poetic here. Ever since I had Dominika, I'm randomly sensitive to caffeine. It seldom happens but oh well. My heart was beating faaasssst!

In spite of the "little horse running in my heart" we had a very good time together. I just love love being with my family, getting to enjoy this gorgeous city and just living the moment. Autumn is such a special season, I just can't get over it; its so beautiful! I love that my husband is pretty ocd about his seasonal candles and is the one buying pumpkin candles and  puts cider on a crockpot so our home smells wonderful. 

The kids got to run around and just be kids and we just took it all in, the sights, the smells, the people watching and the wind touching my skin gently.