Happy Halloween at Bronx Zoo!

Hi guys!

It's been a while since I have written my last post, I've kind of missed writing! I've been very involved here in our new city with making new friendships, sticking to a school schedule, various responsibilities among other things. On Saturday, we went to the Bronx Zoo, our first time together there! The place is so big that we were there hours and still did not see half of the animals living there!

As always, is my biggest pleasure to have our family outings were we are experiencing new things together. I absolutely love that we get to make new memories and, in New York city, there is plenty of room for that to happen. 

hello, gorgeous!

They were seriously amazed.

I loved seeing my kids curious, learning and engaged. I think as a parent, one of biggest joys is seeing them discover new things. Even better when you discover things with them, then is a jackpot! I have plenty of that going on and definitely feel like I'm being schooled by them. What I mean is not in the academic sense, but mostly in the life and character growth kind of way. They teach me to slow down and savor the moments a lot more. To live with more expectation and joy.

We had lunch at the Zoo's cafe and right beside our table there was a gorgeous peacock. Dominika was smitten. Mark Jacinto enjoyed the hay maze.

High five Marky, you did it!

My sweet boy<3

They had some pumpkin carving masters that were doing their thing right in the open, can't wait to pumpkin carve tomorrow.

I'm so glad we finally made it to the Bronx Zoo. The summer in nyc is very hot so I'm glad we waited because the weather was just perfect.

One of our favorite parts about the zoo was definitely the lion section. Usually, when we have visited zoo's the lions are always asleep but not this time. This time around the lions were fully awake, hungry and growling. You could feel the vibrations of their big chesty sound.

I don't know, there was something powerful to that, seeing them fully awake and ready to get what they want.

I loved our outing and getting to enjoy this wonderful zoo in our first fall together as a family in nyc. New York, I love you.