My Kid's Report: End of Summer 2015

There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.
— Internet anonymous

I haven't done a kid's report in a while. I love doing these reports because I know I will love to read them looking back. In many ways, my blog is a homage to my family, and it will be there when they would like to read about their childhood. I cherish good memories, I think those are the snapshots of life to keep. 

We went up to the roof a couple of weeks ago to play and check out the growing herbs and kale at the little garden and took the camera with me to snap some pics. Summer was very beautiful but also very exhausting. Since I knew kindergarten was on the horizon, I wanted to really enjoy it to it's fullest with my littles. We were out and about pretty much everyday and painted a lot! We developed some close friendships and got to explore a bit more of this gorgeous city.

Towards the end of August, Mark Jacinto started Transitional Kindergarten, and my heart was broken. It took me quite a while to recover, going through the process and digestion of what it means to have a kindergartener now. Kindergarten requires longer hours than preschool, so bedtimes gotta be earlier as well, in order to allow the child enough sleep. It's quite foundational for children to sleep well. All this was, in many ways, life style altering since the things that we used to do and our past routines got reconsidered. In many ways, we were forced to reform our practices, and took a while. Seeing him so happy enjoying school, his teachers and new friends, gave me a renewed sense of confidence for this new season of life though. Perhaps we don't get to spend nearly as much time together due to school, but we have found new ways to bond, new friends have been made and most of all, the gratitude and satisfaction that I feel at this past five years of life together. We had so much fun! 

This next season brings family fun in a different way for us, and I'm embracing it. Dominika and I surprised him by showing up at a field trip the other day and he was so excited to see us! It was endearing to see him so engaged with his teachers and peers ^.^ On the other hand, I'm  thrilled to be spending more girl time with my sweety Dominika and getting to know her deeper. There are so many things to do with a girl! =-) I'll write more in depth about that in future posts. But for now, some pictures below if you'll like to see.

Mark Jacinto:

  • While in a crowded restaurant Mark Walter was trying to have a conversation with his son who seemed to be distracted. Dad: "Mark Jacinto what do you think of ... " Son: "Dad, please no more questions, I'm watching the peoples".
  • For the longest time every night before bed, Mark Jacinto would point at his belly and say: " Falta, mom. Falta" ( falta in spanish means missing, in other words he was telling me his belly was ready for more food, haha.)
  • "Mom, I want to meet Jesus"
  • We were walking in the street and I didn't realize there was a homeless person sleeping on the floor so my stroller almost touched the person's feet. Mark Jacinto was severely concern saying: " be careful mom, be careful ok? you could have hurt her, she was sleeping!"
  • If he's not feeling like eating a certain food, he will say: Not today mom, I don't have to eat it today. I ate it last year" haha. 
  • This past summer my husband has been traveling weekly, so I made it a little goal to go out everyday and explore together and spend the day out with friends. By the time we would get home in the evening, he would say " so mom, what are we doing next"? and every morning he would ask: " who are we gonna see today, mom" This kid, he energy is fantastic.
  • He started hugging me by surprise from the back, wrapping his arms around my neck and saying "I love, you". I don't know if he understands the wonderful effect his love has on me. Mood enhancer!
  • "Hey mama, c'mon it's story time!" "Sit with me" ( he is so inclusive, haha) 


Dominika Gabriela:

  • She gives sporadic singing concerts throughout the day, specially after experiencing a great meal or when doing puzzles or playing with her farm animals. ( One of these days, she'll let me film her singing!)
  • She gives the best girl hugs ever!
  • It's so cute how she looks up to her brother, although already displays strong convictions/preferences about things.
  • Cintooooo!  ( last two syllables of his middle name). I love how she nicknamed her brother. I couldn't have thought of a better nickname!
  • She has such a  dancer's spirit,  her hip movements don't lie. 
  • ABC's is her favorite song to sing followed by twinkle, twinkle little star.
  • She's a daring and adventurous eater, loves sucking on lemon wedges and sipping tea, hehe. Hey, it is supposed to balance the ph in your tummy, right?
  • She prays already for the people she loves, at night night she always makes sure to mention her aunt Taty and her "big sister Emma" ( I don't teach her this stuff you guys)
  • She is such a caring little person already and always wants to make sure that everyone is doing ok, if not, she hugs them and says " it'll be ok, it'll be ok". 
  • She absolutely loves painting, I think it soothes her in a way.
  • I love how much she loves Mark Jacinto, right after her nap first thing she asks for is her brother^.^
  • In order to discipline her, I gather all my human will together because, as she knows it, her smile and charm are enchanting to me. 

Thanks for reading!