Some Easter Sunday Pics

The morning of Easter Sunday, we had some baskets prepared for the kids. Once they woke up we told them to look for the eggs that the Easter bunny has left them. Dominika found most of the eggs haha, she really had a good eye to find them. After that, they played with their new toys/craft materials that the Easter bunny gifted them. 

They loved their gifts, Dominika kept hugging her Anna doll while Mark Jacinto wanted to get right on with his new legos. Sunday was rainy and cold, it's funny how much weather can alter moods! I felt very nostalgic (that's what rain does to me) and puts me in a trance of deep reflection. After church, we had  a delicious brunch at La Boulange.

Subsequently, we decided to go to the theaters and watch the animated movie Home. It was very very cute! I don't know but recently I find that these children films are getting better and better. I don't find their messages shallow but rather deep, or was it the rain?  I loved the messages of friendship, connection, love and respect that the movie portrayed.

Is that a hat or your Easter basket, girl?

What the Easter bunny left..

Thanks for cooperating kids! Mama really wanted an Easter pic.

My darlings<3

Croque Madame with an egg on top. Yum!

Wally(Mark Walter) took this picture of us.

J'ai tem. Amo sus sonrisas. I love their smiles^.^

The afternoon was filled with lego building, and yes Dominika likes to be included in the action. She's actually quite good with her legos and is no longer satisfied with her sweet duplos, she wants the big kid  ones! 

We watched a new Netflix show, Skyped with my Ecuadorean family and ordered pizza. It was a pretty leisured Sunday, Wally and I felt pretty recharged. 

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Happy Monday!