Family Art Class at De Young Museum

This past Saturday we went to the De Young Museum to take a family art class. The class was called Doing and Viewing Art. I loved how they had a specific topic for each class that is offered most Saturday mornings. It started with an introduction around the gallery, explaining the artists process and what we will be doing. Basic Shapes were the main subject so the instructor was asking the kids to look for shapes in the artwork we were shown. It was so cute watching the kids looking for the shapes, discussing about it and finding their own point of view. Of course, Dominika wanted to touch the paintings and sing the frozen song in the gallery, but she was just in need of her cheese and apple fix, which is her current favorite snack. So I took her to the lobby for a couple of minutes until she was calm and her tummy satisfied. I really enjoyed seeing my husband and son doing this sort of thing together for it made my heart full.

I've been thinking a lot about joy lately. Looking back, early that morning, I was paralyzed with deep sadness. I had just received the news from my BBC app about the earthquake in Nepal. I didn't seem to shake that sinking feeling in my chest. Bad news are everywhere! and is so important to always look for the good, to appreciate what we do have and enjoy the present moment. I grieved and prayed and came to realized that we were given that moment, that morning and perhaps that entire day to live and to enjoy each other.  Moments like this, make me  the more grateful for the family I do have, and reminds me of how fleeting life can be. 

Doing art with my family was therapeutic for me. I came to realize that one of the things that gives me the most joy in life is spending quality time with these special beings. 


The art teacher send the kids to sketch their vision before painting.

Explaining about shapes and how to incorporate them.

Cutting shapes.

Glueing shapes.

Painting careeeeefully. Mark Jacinto is so meticulous at work^.^

Dominika's scribbles. J'adore! 

She helped me glue the shapes.

Painting some more.

Ok, she kind of glued the whole time pretty much. 

Masterpiece done! I personally like it very very much<3

Wally being goofy.

"Caught up in the air".

Dominika, you are growing up way too fast girl!

These two.

What if apples grew on the ground?  How else would have Einstein figured out the theory of relativity? 

Happy, happy boy! At the playground.

I loved doing this project with Dominika. I love her scribbles!! She's an intense and full of life little girl. She helped me glue almost all of the shapes. After the class, everyone was ready to have lunch and enjoyed time at their cafe's patio. 

Afterwards, we headed to Koret Children's Playground to let the kids run and play some before heading home. 

What are your favorite Saturday activities with your family? 

Have a lovely rest of the week.