It's been fun San Francisco!!!

Hi guys!

So this post has been long due. Thanks to those who have reached out and have asked, so did you moved to New York City? Yes, we did! (more about that on a later post ) This post is about our two and a half years of adventures in San Francisco. 

We moved to SF when Dominika was just shy of four months old. I remember vividly how tiny she was, the crazy amount of containers we moved in with, all the new and more new. My neural connections most have been overloaded with all the changes; and I had fun. It was awesome, hard (logistics of transportation and trying not to get lost) and full of the unknown (my favorite part). 

People danced at a different beat there, and the cultural values were much different than Ohio( my previous home). We started to meet people, create connections and after couple of months we found our Epic church community

As I reflect on our time in the fabulous city that San Francisco is, the one thing that seems to stand out the most in my mind are the faces of people. Friends, neighbors, mentors, soul-sisters, playdates and  meet ups with very special human beings. San francisco, it was so much fun to have lived within your chambers in Soma, walking distance from the  Embarcadero, to have been able to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate park ad libitum. But do you wanna know what I treasure the most of my time there? The people!

As time went by, new challenges arose and my husband started traveling a lot for work, and through that experience God taught me so many lessons I'm very grateful for.

Within your territory, dear San Francisco, I learned to embrace motherhood in a way that I had not known before. With its challenges and joys, God taught me to magnify the good and live more deeply in the present moment. I began to see more beauty in the messes and became more optimistic than ever. My children began to grow, and I with them.

In your land, San Francisco, I grew closer to God. I learned to seek Him more for the sheer pleasure and privilege of his divine presence rather than for what He could give me or protect me from. 

I began to understand more of what His calling is for my life and make more sense of the seemingly disconnected pieces.

We grew closer as a family unit despite the distance, and made sure to have as much quality time as possible.

I watched my children love others with a tender and giving heart.

I overcame some  fears and grew bolder in the areas that needed it.

I'm tremendously grateful for my time there. It has been fun San Francisco, you have a very special place in my heart.

And now on to new adventures,

Thank you Lord.

Reflections: Giving Thanks & some pics

Hi there!

Last week was quite stressful with Dominika going to the emergency room while papi was out of town. The tension from having Mark Walter, my husband, arrive from Paris just two days before the attacks happened there and all the horrible things that go through one's mind with the what ifs. I knew I was tense because my breath gets shallow and I tend to hold it. Does anyone else out there experiences this?! I think this is so silly, haha.

Today I wanted to share a happy list of things that give me joy and that I'm grateful for lately plus some pictures from a little outing with friends at the SF Botanical Gardens at Golden Gate Park. You guys already know I love this place very much. Bliss!

  • When I see a friend growing as a person
  • When my son cuddles with me and I can see his sweet eyes sparkling with love
  • My daughter Dominika and her mix of a goofy, corky and sassy nature. She says the funniest things! 
  • Hard boiled eggs fresh and warm with salt and pepper
  • My husband bringing me my favorite chocolate from Trader Joes. Score!
  • A recently acquired selfie stick for family selfies! Woot, woot!
  • For having a Friendsgiving to look forward to tomorrow
  • The sensuous smell of pumpkin pie in the oven, like right now;-)
  • crafting with my kids
  • Fresh flower arrangements that the hubs picked out
  • For my canon camera that I enjoy using and preserving family memories
  • For all the beautiful dreams God has placed in my heart
  • For having a Papa in heaven that cares and loves me
  • For realizing that I am still a child on the inside
  • For water in my home
  • For a lovely neighbor and friend that has become like family to me
  • For living in this gorgeous city
  • For the promise of the future

There is so much to be thankful for, the fact that we are alive and breathing, is a cause for celebration. Let's make each day count and create memories we are proud to look back to.

Happy Father's Day

Fathers mean a lot to me, even though I didn't grew up with one. Technically, I had no father but thankfully God gave me a grandfather. My grandfather Jacinto ( my son is named after him) is and has been my father figure, and boy he continues to be such an inspiration for my siblings and I. His qualities of honesty, hard work, determination, optimism and most of all faith in God, have always been a role model for me. 

I'm so grateful for the amazing men that God has placed in my life. When I met Mark Walter my husband, I knew that I have met the one for me. It was weird because I have always valued and admired my race and culture and the last thing I wanted was to marry an american boy( I've always been counter culture). This man, my husband, has been my angel on earth. Sometimes, the angel frustrates me, but most times he melts my heart. His heart, his mind, his character are unmatchable to me. I have never met a man more caring, loving, kind and smart. His devotion to his family always impresses and inspires me as well as his faith. 

It wasn't until I met his family on that special Christmas, that I truly understood him. Who can raise a precious child? Answer: a precious family. Gary, my father in love(law) and I hooked up instantly. It was my first time experiencing the snow and he was so gracious and charming about, never making me feel like this ignorant third world child. He told me all about banana nut muffins( I was very into them for a while), the wedding we were heading to that day and who knows what else. All I know is that he is the kind of person you always feel comfortable being yourself while he is being himself too. Such a charming guy! I heart you Gary.

As I see my son grow up and his personality shine, I take note of how much he is like these three very important men God has placed in my life and my heart rejoices. So full of thanks I am today, I just want to say happy father's day!!!

Went to Market Bar at the Ferry building. Gary had flown here for two days to spend time with us. It was so much fun getting to share a few of our favorite things to do here in the city. Mark Jacinto loved the fresh strawberries he got at the farmer's market. Is that you smelling fruit? haha.

That day we went to the park and then headed to the Children's Creativity Museum for some lego building, our beloved karaoke, crafting and carousel. 

A goofy picture of us. Silliness is default mode in our family, you are never too old to be silly.

I absolutely loved sharing this with my Ohio family. Aunt Michelle singing with the kids and grandpa engaged with the children's favorite spots just plain melted my heart.

After many hours of play, I promised we had at least three hours between brunch and dinner ;-), we headed to My China at the Westfield Mall in Market street. Ok, all I'm going to say is.. you have to try the Kung Pao chicken when you come here. Simply divine. The softness of the sautèed peppers, the crunchiness of the peanuts, the mildly spiced huang fei chilies, and the pan fry chicken....fireworks in your mouth. Oh, and don't forget the pork tacos here. Highly encourage you to try it. 

Dominika, mi amor, your faces in this post crack me up girl.


Thank you for reading and hope you have a wonderful father's day.